The Season of Advent: Love

I have been trying to share a blog post on each Sunday of Advent so this is seriously late, sorry!! The truth is, as many people around the world gathered and lit the 4th candle of Advent last Sunday, the candle of Love, I was totally overwhelmed by what a horrible week humanity had just experienced both globally, and locally in Australia. So many stories of extreme violence and loss and fear. I was struggling to feel the love, and couldn't find much to write about.

But when the world is full of so much despair, what else is their left to do but LOVE?

One of my favourite quotes is "There is no fear in love. Perfect love drives out fear." When there is sadness, when there is anger, when there is a lack of peace, I feel that all we can do is fight back with love. Small acts of love, huge acts of love. And so this Christmas, I hope you have experienced the giving and receiving power of love. Whether that was by simply giving special gifts and spending time with the wonderful people in your life, or donating/volunteering for organisations helping those in need, or checking in on your lonely neighbour, or a courageous act of activism, I hope your Christmas was one ruled by love!!

Mezz xo


  1. One of my favourite quotes too...it gives me that something to hang on to when it seems the world is going mad. We need to carry these Advent thoughts through the year (and act on them!!!) Thankyou for what you've written. Bless you xo

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