I'm almost 30!

I'm turning 30 in a few days, and never has a "number" held so much meaning for me. I honestly think I'm more excited about this birthday then I was about turning 18, and I've been trying to figure out why that is....

In some ways I've spent my 20's doing things quite differently to my friends. 30 seems to be an age where many peers start to think about things like mortgages, marriage, babies and the rest...but I did that (minus the mortgage!!) so long ago! Married my total favourite person at 19 and became a mum at 21, and so my 20's have been this kind of insane whirlwind of learning what it means to be someone's partner, and to have your heart full to bursting with love for your kidlets.... while feeling INCREDIBLY young and clueless. I was, of course, at the same time still trying to do what most people in their 20's do..go to uni, grow up, become an adult, have a "career," travel, discover the world, have fun and figure myself out. (That's what being a 20 something is all about, right?)

Reflecting on my 20's..... it's been chaos, but also incredible. I must admit I've become a pretty great partner and mum. Not perfect, occasionally scatter brained and over emotional....but pretty great. I have figured a lot of stuff out. About myself, about politics, about faith and about people. I am slowly starting to know myself, what I can handle, what I can't. I am proud of who I am. I really like my body, it's done amazing things. I have values in my life that matter to me. I am not afraid to love and be loved. I believe in my talent, yet don't fret about success and fame. I have known deep, deep sorrow and yet live with an unshakable thirst for joy. I am learning to be honest with myself and others. I now know that I enjoy the quiet as much as the noise. My life has many responsibilities and (at times) burdens, but I still play, create, laugh, giggle and sing like a teenager. Oh, and swear like a sailor. I am unapologetically ME, and I know who my true friends are, the ones I can be totally ME with.

So I think I'm super excited about being 30 because it feels like right at this moment in my life I can finally admit that I'm starting to feel like a grown up, and that's worth celebrating, right?

Mezz xx


Nice Things #9

Getting out the notebook, pen, fabric tape and pretty pics for a month of journalling. Part of a little journal-along with Her Library Adventures.

Keeping organised with this cute little thrifted notebook.

Sunday afternoon baking with Miss 3.

A magical day in the snow with my precious family. 

Making music with my lovely hubby.

What nice things have been happening in your life??

Mezz xx