a music project-I need your input!!

Hello there!!

You may know that before I was ever a crafter, blogger and zine maker I was (and still am!) a singer! It's been fun bringing a bit of my love for music to the world of handmade, and also bringing the world of handmade back in to my music. What I love about the crafty and handmade community I discovered online is there is a real "can do" attitude. We are a creative bunch, and we just do things because we can! What's amazing though, is because we share with each other what we are doing we all become quite involved in each other's work and creativity, and our projects become big, lovely, collaborative, community things! I never really experienced that in the music scene (it's a bit more fickle and competitive) and I've become determined to have that same experience with my music!!

So this year, in an attempt to share my music experience a bit more openly and transparently, I have started taking requests and recording songs nominated by my fans/friends/online community. It's been fun. There is a sense that we are all contributing ideas, and that excites me! Head to www.mezzcoleman.com to hear the songs I have already recorded.

Now I am after more requests, so leave a comment below and let me know your favourite song that appears in a film. In a week or two I will pick one of the requests and record and share with you all!!

Looking forward to seeing what songs and films you like!



Supporting Handmade!

I've recently bought a few handmade pieces of lovely and I thought I'd share them here with you. It's so important to support handmade, don't you think?
I went along to the lovely Northern Regards Market in Northcote last weekend and bought these cute pieces from Lil Wise Owl. www.madeit.com.au/littlewiseowl 

This dress is made by my sis in law (and Hundreds and Thousands zine co creator) Taz. She makes handmade pieces and sells them on her online store www.butterandbuntings.storenvy.com ...she also has a stall at the Fitzroy Market this coming Saturday the 17th!!
Aren't these handmade brooches great!!?

I literally stumbled across the most fantastic little market a few weekends back. Everything was handmade, and everything sold was to raise money for the ASRC (Asylum Seeker Resource Centre.) I have since done a bit of research and discovered that the market was put on by a community of craft activists (woohoo!) called "Creating a Welcome." I totally think you should go visit their blog! www.creatingawelcome.blogspot.com 

Have you discovered any great local handmade crafters recently?

Mezz x


Vintage rEcipe Swap

I recently took part in a Vintage Recipe Swap put together by Taz. I was partnered up with a New Zealand blogger called Elaina who writes a A Little Bit Country. We both had to send each other a handwritten recipe, and a cute thing or two for the kitchen. I think our tastes were very well matched! Lots of bright, retro, stuff was sent between us! 

This is what I received.....
a recipe for lavender cupcakes, wooden spoon, mini vintage mug, vintage wallpaper...
cheerful vintage table linen...
and a recipe, of course! Looking forwards to trying this!

I sent...
a few of my favourite recipes, written down on pretty scraps of paper...
some vintage "Australiana" tea towels...
a copy of my little zine, Hundreds and Thousands (which always ha a few great handwritten recipes!)...
and for no reason, a few more bits of cute Australiana stuff...

Thanks so much Elaina for my lovely parcel, and to Taz for putting the swap together.

I'm thinking of organising a little swap again soon, would anybody be keen in joining up!!??



nice things #7

Hollie Hobby Print found in the Op Shop
Love Never Fails. 
I made this collage using vintage wallpaper and a thrifted frame when we recently celebrated our 10 year wedding anniversary. These words were read at our wedding and my hubby has them tattooed on his arm!
Embracing the concept of "Home." Feeling settled about the fact that we make home wherever we are. 
The ever evolving and changing collection of nick nacks in my opshopped printers tray.
The overwhelming amount of support and interest that people from all over the world have taken in our little zine, Hundreds and Thousands. The response to this call out was heart warming.