some new music-check it out!

Two of my dear friends released their debut records the other night to a great crowd down at Red Bennies in South Yarra. I was lucky enough to study music with both Jonathan and Marissa Skovron at the Victorian College of the Arts a while ago, and they both become not just great musicians to play with, but good friends. Life's taken us on different paths the last few years, so the other night was the first time I’d seen either of then in AGES, but I was so proud of them both! Both are super talented…..and even cuter, they are brother and sister!!

I play most of my show with my two brothers, so I really love and understand the music thing that a lot of siblings share, and it was such a joy to watch Marissa and Jon share that together on stage too. If you're keen to get your hands (and ears) on some new original Aussie music, click here and here.

Remember that the only way all of us little indie artists get a look in is of you guys get into it! So listen/download/share/vote...whatever! Enjoy them!

Mezz xx

New treasures..

We've done a bit of Op Shopping over the last week, thought I'd share some of our new treasures....

A handmade crocheted sleeping bag in blue red and white. This is too small for either of our kids, but I couldn't not buy it, so we'll make sure our new little nephew gets it!

Some tea cups. cute.

Spoon Rest (a Mr. Coleman find -credit given where credits due!)

I'm excited about this one, a few metres of this cute vintage Christmas fabric! It's got me thinking about all sorts of possibilities for this coming Christmas! Too soon?

 I'm going to make little Miss Coleman a dress for her birthday with this fabric. Oh yeah, this cost me the whole sum of 20 cents. Nice.

A "cable car" mug (we have a tram obsessed 6 year old!)

Have you picked up any second hand treasures recently?

PS-Little Miss turns two this week, so I plan do be making quite a bit over the next few days (presents, decorations, food...) Looking forward to sharing with you!!


New Retro Lamp

Take one vase, the electric bits of an old lamp, recover an old lampshade in some cool material....put it all together and what do you get!?

See you soon xx


Granny Square Seat Cover

Hello folks! Sorry, its been a while since I've posted, I had to prioritise a few other things in my life recently....but I'm back!

I'm pretty happy with this creative effort. The material on this old chair we use at the computer was ripped, so I found enough granny squares that I'd made on our holiday and figured out how to attach them to make this seat cover. I'm very happy with the bright colours! Nothing cheers me up then a  bit of colour!

It's not perfect, but it's cute!

Mezz xx

PS-We recently bought a new camera, so I'm still playing around with it. It's a Nikon Digital SLR. Anyone else have one? Thoughts? Mr. Coleman has been taking some pretty great pics with it, I'm still just figuring it out, but I hope to share some lovely pictures soon!


Awesome Ainslie!

Sitting down in my PJ's over the weekend and flicking on the tube, I was so surprised, overjoyed and excited when I suddenly realised I was watching my dear friends Ainslie Wills on Rockwiz!!! Yes, my friend, on the TV!! Ainslie and I studied music together back in the early to mid 2000's , and have sung alot together over the years. She is super talented, super sweet, and going places. I'm just too proud...and feeling pretty inspired musically again too! Way to go, Ainslie! Check her out!!!