Starter Issue of our little handmade mag OUT NOW!!

Just a quick post to let you know that finally the little handmade mag that Taz and I have been working on is ready to buy!! Woohoo!!

Head on over to our online store www.hundredsandthousands.storenvy.com or our blog www.hundredsandthousandsmag.blogspot.com to get your hands on a copy hot off the press!!!!

Hooray for handmade!!

Happy reading

Mezz xoox



Can't wait!!

Our little handmade magazine...out on October 31st!!

Taz and I are getting very excited!! Only three more days till our little handmade zine "Hundreds and Thousands" will be ready for the world!! Stay tuned for more details (including how to purchase your very own copy) over the next few days!!

Mezz xoxo


cute op shop finds


I went to a cute little Op Shop in the Western suburbs of Melbourne today (for those who are interested it's called "Lighthouse" and it's in Laverton) and found.....

2 sweet little Vintage dresses,
a cool jacket,
a cute shirt,
very PINK shoes...
oh, and another vintage sheet!! Can't resist!!

It's been a happy thrifting day.
Mezz x


Celebrating Miss 3

The celebrations for Miss 3 are finally over! Phew. It was lovely to make a big deal out of her birthday this year, as three is an age where you really get what's happening. She has also had not only a big brother but a range of housemates to contend with for attention since she was born, so we felt it was really important for her to know just how special she is and have a day that was all about her. Our gorgeous girl was showered in love and celebrated well!! Here are some pics from her lovely little party on the weekend. The weather was perfect, so we took it outside!!

Lots of bunting, including the "Happy Birthday" flags I made last year.

Cookies in thrifted gingham pouches were hidden in the garden for a treasure hunt.

Pom pom flowers

Pass the Parcel!

Dress ups!

Our cheeky little Birthday poppet.

Our housemate, Maria, made some beautiful East Timorese food. Maria is an Asylum Seeker, and her kindness and generosity once again blew me away after the lack of kindness she has received from so many in this country.
Little cakes, I made the flag toppers with toothpicks and washi tape.
Pink jelly!
I made this cake topper too with washi tape.
Beautiful icecream cake made by "Nananette", Mr Coleman's mum. It was perfect, and a much missed speciality of hers while she lived in Taiwan for the past 5 years. So nice having her and Grandad back in Melbourne.
I have been sewing up a storm recently and have nearly finished the Starter Issue of Hundreds and Thousands Mag.
So lots more posts soon, promise!!
Mezz xoxoxox


oooo...look what i found!!

After spending yesterday morning in the recording session working on a special Christmas music project (stay tuned), I had intended to spend the arvo with the wonderful Taz proof reading our first ever issue of Hundreds and Thousands Mag. But, her little one got sick and so I suddenly had a free arvo. Hmmm...perfect opportunity for some op shopping! So, since I was in a  different part of Melbourne to where I usually live, breathe and op shop, I thought I better hit their shops, and hit them hard I did! I found lots of wonderful little treasures. Here are just a few....

I paid $3 for this beauty, a retro kids sewing machine, and it seems to work!! I'm totally in love.
brand new leopard print boots, pink floral tights and a new skirt for me!
some craft supplies...floral contact, a craft book, some crocheted lovelies and velvet ribbon
Oh! and already cut, ready to sew together bunting flags! lucky me, someone did the annoying part already!
sweet floral tea towels
 a nice big heavy orange frying pan (please excuse my dirty stove!)
and last but not least, some cute vintage bathers. I really should stop buying vintage bathers. It's hard to resist though, when they are so rare and then so damn cheap when I actually find them!!
Joining in again with the Op Shop Show Off.
I really do love op shopping!!
Mezz xx
PS- two nights ago, I did this as well......it's supposed to be a bit of a gospel song, without being particularly religious..have a listen, you'll know what I mean!!


a handmade birthday...

A few snippets from Miss 2's Birthday yesterday. Oops, make that Miss 3!! She is a delightful kid, full of mischief, joy, humour, music, imagination, love and more. She is also strong willed, stubborn, loud and messy...hmmmm...quite a bit like me!! We are having a party next weekend, but yesterday we celebrated her actual birthday at home with the grandparents. I made her a few handmade gifts too!
 I made this dress using a vintage sheet and some opshopped fabric. Each year I have  made her a dress for her birthday, and I intend to keep the tradition going until she doesn't let me and goes for something cooler  which I'm sure will happen one day!!
 ... this year I made a matching dress for dolly too!
Mr 7 was excited!
I'm not normally a scrapbooker, but have been meaning to do this pretty much since miss 3 was born. Finally got round to it for her birthday, using mostly upcycled crafty items I had rather than "scrapbooking" stuff that seems pretty commercial to me! Both my kids have a book like this now, and I'm pretty sure my scrapbooking career is over!! Phew!
Mr. Coleman bought some flowers for Miss 3 on his way home form work. aaawww.
We made pink cupcakes!!
...and I also made and gifted this pop pom necklace for her too!

It was a lovely day, and I'm looking forward to her party next weekend too!
love Mezz xx