Upcycled Mini Scarf!!

Do you ride a bike?? I do. I ride my red little vintage style bike all year round, even on very cold and blistery days. I like to wrap myself up in warm scarfs on cold days and have had some serious scarf-getting-caught-in-bikewheel-o-my-goodnesss-im-gonna-die moments, so last year I knitted (YES! I actually knitted!!) myself a mini scarf to wear while riding. I'm not a brilliant knitter, but it does the job, and you can see it here.

I've wanted to make more of these little scarfs for friends who ride for a while now, but I don't think I have the time or patience to knit them again. Hence, this idea was born...the Upcycled Blanket Mini Scarf! It's the exact same idea as the one I knitted last year, except instead of knitting, I sewed it using an old woollen blanket, backed with a vintage sheet and neatened up with a bit of cute bias tape.

This one is my entry in to Ash's Winter Upcycling Challenge, but I intend to whip up a few more for some friends I've been promising these to!! This one is super bright and cheerful which I think contrasts nicely with grey Melbourne skies.

And because you like all things handmade and DIY, check out the little film clip my clever hubby Mr. Coleman made today for his band "The Sketching Room's" new song "Tell Another Lie." (You might even spot my hand in it!!!!)

Isn't he cool?
Oh, and this is my beloved bike... love Mezz xx


pom pom party (part 2)

Oh, what fun we had! More pics!!!
have you ever hosted a crafternoon?? how did you go about it?



I am turning 29!! I'm quite happy about that for some reason. Next year is the big 30 so look out! Big party time! In the meantime, I think its nice to celebrate each year that passes, so I invited a few girlfriends around for afternoon tea and a spot of pompom making over the weekend. It was wonderful fun. All I did was make the lounge room look as pretty as possible, supply tea, scones, wool, pompom makers and off we went!

Here are some pics form the fab day...perhaps it might inspire you to host your own pompom making party!!!??? So many pretty pics, that this is just post number 1!!



Winter Upcycling Challenge!!!

My lovely sis in law Ash is hosting a wonderful Upcycling Crafty Challenge, its a great chance to get crafty AND help raise money for a wonderful organisation!! Click here for all details.

Promise me you'll check it out!!

Go now! Do it!

Mezz x

ps I had a pom pom making party on the weekend! It was great! I shall blog about it later in the week


Weekend Opshopping and an exciting New Project!!!!!

On Saturday I went Opshopping with the fam. We all found a few treasures, thought I'd share what I found for yours truly.

And my best find for the day. Brand new Cath Kidston sandals. In my size. I paid $6, the price tag was still on, they cost someone 28 pounds. Anyone know the rough conversion??? I love Cath Kidston stuff, but never buy it new, so was pretty chuffed with this Op shop score!
Joining in again with Blackbird has Spoken's Op shop Show Off
In some very exciting news, my sister in law Taz and I have decided to venture into the world of independent magazine making!!! Inspired by many of our favourite UK crafty mags, and also the Melbourne independent zine scene, we are currently working on the starter issue of our brand new little mag, called "Hundreds and Thousands." Please head over to our blog and have a look. We are relying on word of mouth to get the word out, so feel free to share the news with your friends!! We hope that the magazine will be a great space for crafty and creative people to share, so in the future we will be hoping you may want to contribute an article or an idea!!!!! 
We are very excited, but also a little nervous as we haven't done anything like this before. I have put out CD's in the past, but never a magazine!! We invite you to hold our hands and be gentle with us on this new journey!!
Mezz x


Mini Vintage Wallpaper Welcome Bunting (wow, that was a mouthful!)

I have been gifted lots of gorgeous vintage wallpaper, and working my way through it! Some of the sheets have been used to make little booklets, cards and even a "scrapbook" for my daughters birthday coming up. I really wanted to use some of the paper in a way everyone could see it and oooo and aaaah at the pretty paper, hence this mini welcome bunting I made to hang in the window on the staircase leading up to our apartment.

Want to make one too? All you will need is:
With your pen draw diamond shapes onto the wallpaper.Your bunting flags will be half this size (triangles)
Cut your diamond shapes out.
Fold your diamonds in half, making perfect little bunting shaped triangles!!
Grab your string. You probably have something prettier then this, I only had this old brown stuff lying around.
Glue your diamonds onto the string, like this....
...until you've had enough!
Hang it up and wait for people to say "ooo and aaaah"
I later added letter stickers on mine, for extra fun times!
What creative stuff have you been getting up to recently?
mezz x