Nice things #6

Bringing out all the winter bedding! The darker colours and woolie blankets help me embrace the cooler months ahead.
My husbands new music and cool cover art. Have a listen here. 
Changing things around on my dresser. Loving the combo of vintage tins, sewing baskets and funny family photos!!
Fake flowers! They never die!!!!
A wonderful, wonderful book! (But more on this in another post soon!)

What nice things are you noticing in your world??

Mezz x


A granny square infinity scarf!

Last year I finally mastered the granny square. And once I got it, I crocheted so many because I just couldn't stop!! As a result I've got so many colourful granny squares stashed around the house, I decided recently it's time to put some of them to use.
So I  recently made this cute infinity scarf. I did it by crocheting squares together to make a normal scarf, and then attaching the ends to make it a big infinity circle instead.
I can wear it wrapped around either once or twice. It feels like I'm wearing a great big cheerful blanket made by a granny!!

Hooray for autumn, bright coloured wool and new handmade scarves!

Mezz x


Nice Things #5

crochet garland

cute vintage pillowcases from the op shop!

My son made me this cute "magic wand." How adorable!!

a spunky baking lady with wonderful head scarf!

simple and sweet bunting (the one on top was made and gifted by Taz as a wedding anniversary present for me and Mr Coleman.)



Nice things #4

The most beautiful ever handmade card made and given to me by Claire aka Sweet Birdy Love

A rose bud starting to bloom..

paper doilies and inspirational words!

the weather is coolong, time for slow cooked meals!

my handmade t shirt quilt and a bunch of thrifted cushion covers on our cosy couch.

What Nice Things have you noticed in your world recently?? 



A Quiet Easter..

Hello there,

I hope you are having a nice weekend. I love Easter! Unlike Christmas, Easter is always quite calm and quiet here in our family, and for that I am grateful. Last year I blogged a bit about our Simple Easter Traditions, hop on over and have a read if you like. We have once again kept celebrations very low key. We made hot cross buns with our friend and neighbour yesterday, we are heading off to my brother's house for a family Easter egg hunt this morning, and for tomorrow I have bought us all one nice fair trade Easter egg each. That's about it. 
What does Easter mean to you?? Chocolate? Spring? Autumn? Family? I was raised in the Christian tradition, and to some extent I still identify with all that, although I have spent most of my 20's thinking long and hard about a lot of this, and I feel as though I have slowly been shedding a lot of the crap that comes with church and religion (seriously, there is ALOT.) I'm at a place where I'm just trying to hold onto a few beautiful fragments of what I believe to be truth. I guess this time of quiet is a nice chance for me to stop and reflect, and to consider how my upbringing and current context shapes who I am, spiritually, emotionally and psychologically.
I have really enjoyed reading blog posts over this past week and seeing how different people are "doing" Easter. I though I'd share a few of my favourites from the past few weeks.....

Her Library Adventures for a cozy, Aussie, autumn Easter (and sweet crochet daisy chain tutorial!)
Ladybird Diaries for a gorgeous Northern Hemisphere Spring Easter
Tweed Thoughts for beautiful handmade Easter decorations
Seriously cute and colourful Easter party favour bags over at A Pretty Cool Life

"Love begins at home, and it is not how much we do, but how much we put into what we do" Mother Teresa


a Bespoke Zine feature on...ME!!

Hello, hello! How are you all? I'm pretty good! Lots of exciting things have been happening recently, which inevitably means less time and space to sit down, create and blog....so I apologise for the long pauses between posts at the moment! I love blogging, and I miss it when I don't keep it up regularly. It really is a fantastic way for me to journal about my creative life, and share and engage with others. So thankyou, readers, for being part of the journey and sticking with me when the posts become a bit far and few between.
Anyhoo, I'm feeling a bit special because I was featured on the inspiring Bespoke Zine website this week! Click here for the full article and interview about the way I create, the spaces I create in, the difference between my music life and craft life, and a few other random musings....
Scattered through the post are a few pics taken during the interview and shoot.
Oh, and I was also recently nominated for this.... I'm not entirely sure what that means, but....such fun!
speak soon!

Mezz xo