Make a really easy and super cute Christmas Decoration!

Here is a cute little Christmas decoration I thought up. Its fun and easy to make!! Inspired by all of the Dream Catchers made with embroidery hoops and thrifted doilies I see everywhere, I tweaked the idea to make it a bit more Christmassy...
 To make your own you will need: an embroidery hoop, crocheted doily (they remind me of snowflakes!), ribbons, craft bells and needle and thread. I found all of my materials second hand, except for the bells.
I simply choose a few ribbons in different lengths and hung them over the bottom of the embroidery hoop. Placing a crocheted doily in the embroidery hoop and then tightening it ensured the ribbons stayed in place. Once the doily was in the hoop as I wanted, I cut off the parts of it that didn't fit. I then sewed a few Christmas bells on the bottom of the ribbons, and added a little hook on the top so that it will hang. This one is quite small and could hang on a Christmas tree.
I loved making this, and am now doing more! This new one I'm working on is much larger, and I'm using vintage Christmas fabric instead of a doily, so while essentially I'm making the same thing, the effect will be quite different.

Happy making, I'd love to know if you give this a try!!
Mezz xo
PS don't forget you have until next Wednesday to enter my little Christmas giveaway.


  1. That's gorgeous, Mezz, great idea! Nice easy one for the kiddies, too!

  2. I love the doily one, it's like a snow flake caught in a hoop!

  3. Such a lovely Christmas craft and when Christmas is done you can put new fabric in, maybe Easter inspired embroidery hoop d├ęcor will be next. x

  4. Mezz a super sweet idea...thanks for sharing
    Bestest d xxxx

  5. I've missed so much, you've been a busy bee! Love this idea :) x

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