cute competition!

Hello lovely ones!!

Just letting you know that the zine I make with Taz, "Hundreds and Thousands" is having a competition for a front cover design. This will be for our "Handmade Christmas" Issue!! Beyond exciting!

If you like making pretty things and images, head on over to our blog www.hundredsandthousandsmag.blogspot.com for entry details.

Mezz xx


I'm almost 30!

I'm turning 30 in a few days, and never has a "number" held so much meaning for me. I honestly think I'm more excited about this birthday then I was about turning 18, and I've been trying to figure out why that is....

In some ways I've spent my 20's doing things quite differently to my friends. 30 seems to be an age where many peers start to think about things like mortgages, marriage, babies and the rest...but I did that (minus the mortgage!!) so long ago! Married my total favourite person at 19 and became a mum at 21, and so my 20's have been this kind of insane whirlwind of learning what it means to be someone's partner, and to have your heart full to bursting with love for your kidlets.... while feeling INCREDIBLY young and clueless. I was, of course, at the same time still trying to do what most people in their 20's do..go to uni, grow up, become an adult, have a "career," travel, discover the world, have fun and figure myself out. (That's what being a 20 something is all about, right?)

Reflecting on my 20's..... it's been chaos, but also incredible. I must admit I've become a pretty great partner and mum. Not perfect, occasionally scatter brained and over emotional....but pretty great. I have figured a lot of stuff out. About myself, about politics, about faith and about people. I am slowly starting to know myself, what I can handle, what I can't. I am proud of who I am. I really like my body, it's done amazing things. I have values in my life that matter to me. I am not afraid to love and be loved. I believe in my talent, yet don't fret about success and fame. I have known deep, deep sorrow and yet live with an unshakable thirst for joy. I am learning to be honest with myself and others. I now know that I enjoy the quiet as much as the noise. My life has many responsibilities and (at times) burdens, but I still play, create, laugh, giggle and sing like a teenager. Oh, and swear like a sailor. I am unapologetically ME, and I know who my true friends are, the ones I can be totally ME with.

So I think I'm super excited about being 30 because it feels like right at this moment in my life I can finally admit that I'm starting to feel like a grown up, and that's worth celebrating, right?

Mezz xx


Nice Things #9

Getting out the notebook, pen, fabric tape and pretty pics for a month of journalling. Part of a little journal-along with Her Library Adventures.

Keeping organised with this cute little thrifted notebook.

Sunday afternoon baking with Miss 3.

A magical day in the snow with my precious family. 

Making music with my lovely hubby.

What nice things have been happening in your life??

Mezz xx


Simple Living

Simple Living. It's something I desire, but I often find myself overwhelmed by the lack of simplicity in my life. Overwhelmed by all my stuff, overwhelmed by all my dreams and hopes and plans, overwhelmed by my over-committments, overwhelmed by the never ending house work, overwhelmed by the long lists of things I want or need to do, overwhelmed by my anxieties, overwhelmed by my need to please everybody...and so forth..

Do you feel like that sometimes? 

Inspired by a great article I recently read, I prettied up a little notebook today to document and journal my way through what feels like the next necessary chapter of my life. Mastering the Art of Simplicity. 

Have you got any tips on how to live a simpler life? I'd love to hear your thoughts, experiences and ideas. 

Mezz x


handmade love

I just had to pop by quickly to share this adorable pic of our Miss Three. She is wearing a dress I recently made for her using some Little Mermaid fabric that was given to us in a big bag of fabric scraps.

The photo was taken at my brother John and his wife Ash's place, one of my fav places in the world. Their home is a place of love, welcome, acceptance, handmade, thrifting and more. Ash picked up that gorgeous crocheted blanket from an opshop, and that Anchorman cushion was a Christmas gift from us. I upcycled a thrifted tshirt to make it. One can never have too many Anchorman references in the home, I believe. 

Mezz x


some simple makes

I've been feeling quite creative recently. It ebbs and flows for me, how about you? I can spend a whole day in front of the sewing machine, and then another month or 2 not even thinking about it!! Here are a few of my recent makes, all very simple. Simple crafting can be very therapeutic, don't you think?? 

I've been making heaps of pretty fabric tape with all my vintage fabric scraps, inspired by Taz's craft project in our recent issue of Hundreds and Thousands Mag.

I baked some yummy Banana Cake, using this recipe I made up a while ago! The husband and kids were happy!!

I'm always adding pretty pics to our walls. Since I was a teenager, I've always enjoyed covering my walls in images that inspire me and make me feel happy.

Upcycling a few old shirts into something new...not quite finished though!!

Sewing a sweet little "Nursery Rhyme" bunting for a friend who is expecting her second baby. My husband found some vintage children's cloth books at his work which I've been gleefully cutting into!

What creations have you been making recently?

Mezz x


It's a blog hoppity hop!

My darling sis in law Ash who writes over at the pretty darn awesome thesquee.com has nominated me to join in a bit of a blog hop. Isn't she lovely? I will do my best to answer some questions (some of them are about writing so I may need to be creative with my answers) so you can learn a little bit about me. And stay tuned, because at the end I shall nominate a few of my favourite bloggers to either a) join in or b) not join in, but feel special.

(I grew up with 2 brothers, but as an adult have become part of a wonderful sisterhood of sis inlaws! Here I am sitting between Ash and Taz. I have three other wonderful sis in laws too, living interstate and overseas. Nicole, Vanessa and Katerina. I am blessed.)


What AREN'T I working on might be an easier question. I am currently working on recording a 5 track EP of my original tunes. My recordings in the past have been quite epic, with string and horn arrangements, backing vocalists, you name it. But over the past 2 years I have been playing a much more stripped back acoustic show, and I thought it was time to capture that new sound. I am also always working on my little handmade crafty zine I make with (other sis in law) Taz, called Hundreds and Thousands. This zine has been one of my most exciting creative experiences to date, and if we're not posting out pretty orders we're dreaming of the next issue. And somewhere in there I'm trying to be creative round the home, whether its sewing, gluing, cutting, moving furniture, crocheting, baking, giving, listening. Creativity is alive and well in our home. (The housework, on the other hand is a bit of a disaster!)

I can't help it. I've tried to stop. Seriously. I've tried to be normal, and to dream of normal things like mortgages and 9-5 jobs and kids in daycare...but in the end, do you know what gets my heart racing?  It's the sound of Kate Bush's voice, the excitement of going to a high tea, the idea of a pom pom making party, late nights, slow starts, dancing to Beatles records, knowing my neighbourhood like the back of my hand because I actually spend most of my time in it, op shop adventures, sharing a touch of the creative chaos with my kids, being home for a fair bit and then packing up the car and driving to the country to play at a music festival every now and then... the creative life makes me happy, therefor I must continue to live it! Fearlessly, courageously.

I write songs very much on my own. It's a personal process. When I am in the midst of a crisis, I don't feel a creative bone in my body. This can be anything from a major life crisis, down to something fairly insignificant, like WHY ARE THERE SO MANY DISHES THAT ALWAYS NEED TO BE WASHED WHY CAN'T A FAIRY GODMOTHER COME AND DEAL WITH THIS (that can feel like a crisis at times, don't you think?) .... But once there is some light, some hope, that's when the songwriting starts. It emerges out of difficulty, finding hope, creating beauty out of brokenness. For me, songwriting is often about reflecting back on things in my life and making sense of it all, or at least something beautiful. Most listeners would say my songs are quite positive, and I would agree, but they are generally born out of despair first.

My zine making  process is totally different. It's all about team work, sharing ideas, working with Taz and bouncing off each other. It's also consistent, which I like. We don't wait til we "feel inspired", we just meet (roughly) once a week to keep working on things. The ball keeps rolling. I love it.

.....And crafting just happens in spare moments when I feel the desire. It's probably the most random of all my creative processes.

This question is obviously written for writers, so i'll stretch it a bit to just tell you what makes my makes mine. If you listen to my music, read my zine, look at my sewing I can guarantee that there will be a lot of love, heart, and soul in what you hear/see/read. But it's probably not going to be perfect. I'm not a perfectionist. What I strive for (not only when I am making things, but simply, in life itself)  is authenticity, heart, colour, connection and spirit.

Meet my friends...
There are a lot of bloggers I adore, and I'd love to share all of them with you, but a few of my fav's are...

Her Library Adventures
Ladybird Diaries

I invite these lovelyl ladies to join the blog hop by answering these questions over on their blogs, but no pressure whatsoever!! Thanks Ash for inviting me to take part, and three cheers for blogs. hip hip hooray!! (x 3)

love Mezz xo


Nice Things #8

Celebrating my Grandpa Harold's 90th Birthday

Releasing Issue 2 of my little zine Hundreds and Thousands, and watching all the orders come rolling in!!

My dad has recently been sending me pics from when I was little!!

 My gorgeous housemate Maria cooking lunch for my son for no reason other then she's awesome.

 Looking forward to going to the Northern Regards Market this weekend!

A very quick trip over to Western Australia for a family birthday and catch up last week. Spent a day in beautiful and historic Fremantle.

Love hearts in the sand.


New Issue of my handmade zine out now!

Hi there,

Just a quick hello to let you all know that................

The little handmade and crafty zine I make with Taz is finally ready for you all to enjoy! To read a bit more about Issue 2, head to our blog www.hundredsandthousandsmag.blogspot.com or go right ahead and order your copy at our online store www.hundredsandthousands.storenvy.com

love Mezz x


#5reasonstobehappy....its a thing!!

A few months ago when I was a feeling pretty down, my hubby bought me a book called "14,000 things to be happy about" by Barbara Ann Kipper from an Op Shop. The author had been writing lists of things that made her happy since she was a little girl, and well in to her adult life. And the book is literally that. Her list of things that make her happy. 14,000 things, to be exact. Things like the smell of cinnamon, Micky Mouse, Lighthouses, heart to heart conversations....the list is simple and extraordinary at the same time. 

(one of my many pages from my "happy list.")

 I was inspired! I bought a notebook with the plan to write down a few things that make me happy, and much to my amazement, as soon as I put pen to paper I couldn't stop! I just kept writing and writing and the list kept growing! One notebook became two notebooks and so on. It didn't solve all of my problems, but it was like an "instant spirit lifter." Once I wrote one thing that made me feel happy, it would remind me of 5 more things...and then 5 more things...and so on...

(playing with wool makes me feel happy)

I started writing this list when I was feeling pretty blue. Feeling down can happen to anyone, right? I knew that theoretically, but never did I expect it to happen to happy, carefree, giggly, life's pretty good me!! If you are struggling with some serious anxiety, depression or grief, I don't suggest for one minute that just writing down a list of things that make you happy will "fix" it. In fact, I know that it won't. Sometimes in order to make sure we remain in good mental health we may realise it's time to talk to someone..a GP, a counselor..and if that's you I encourage you to ring up and make that appointment now!  But starting your own "happy list" might put a little sunshine in your day. Just a teeny little bit. 

(ignoring the washing and putting my feet up makes me happy)

And so that's why I do this. It helps. Sometimes I can think of heaps of things that make me happy. Sometime I can only think of one or two things. And on the days when I can't think of anything I just read the list I've already made and go "Oh yeah, that's right." "Happiness" is such a weird word, isn't it? We say it all the time... Happy Birthday, Happy Christmas..but what do we mean? I believed until fairly recently that striving to be "happy" was shallow...There is more to life then just being happy, I would think. There is doing the right thing, sacrifice, honour and justice. Happiness compared to these things just seemed...silly, insignificant. 

(my kids make me happy)

But. You know what? We get to live this life once. Just once. And the more I think about it, I want it to be a  happy one. I'm totally convinced that I'm not meant to be miserable. And so now, "happiness" is a daily goal...and one that I am unapologetic about! 
(pretty flowers make me happy)

What makes you happy??

love Mezz xx

Side note- a month or two ago I started posting some of the things from my list on Facebook, to share with my friends. I would choose 5 things from the list and hashtag it #5reasonstobehappy and much to my surprise it became a "thing" that lots of other people do now! How weird and wonderful is that? Feel free to join in!!