a fun link a long!!

Pip Lincolne wrote an interesting article over at Meet Me at Mikes the other day, most of which I could relate to in some way. It was basically about how we have become good at "skimming" over blogs, rather then reading them. We are less likely to leave comments on our peers blogs, and we may not be quite so good at linking back to ideas and bloggers that have inspired our own creations on our own posts. I guess she was expressing concern about a breakdown in the blogging community. Do you relate?

I wonder if phone apps like Instagram have taken a bit away from blogging. I find that once I share a pic on Instagram, I don't see the point of sharing it on my blog as well. I also wonder if all the instant receiving of pics we can get on Instagram and Facebook etc makes the slower paced blogging a little less sexy! If so, that's a shame. I'd hate to lose what I've found from blogging due to this slick and fast pace world we are all moving in!

I have also found (and perhaps it's because I'm an old fuddy duddy) that a lot of blogs have changed the way you can leave a comment, and I find myself using these other modes less. Sometimes your comment will appear via facebook, or you have to sign up to some new comment leaving thingy, and I guess I'm not so into this (and sometimes neither is my crappy computer.) The blogs which I leave most of my comments on are the ones that haven't "changed over" which probably says more about me being a bit slow when it comes to change, and less about the fabulous blogs I'm not leaving comments on! What are your thoughts on this?

Anyway, in order to get bloggers talking and sharing once again, Pip has started a little thing called a LINK A LONG where you post about a few people/blogs that are currently inspiring you (obviously including links!!) What I love about Pip is she always tackles things with positivity!  And so I thought I'd join in and share with you about 5 people who inspire me!
Sophie from Her Library Adventures- this is my GO TO blog for inspiration. I first found Sophie's blog after one of her very cool makes featured in Mollie Makes magazine. Her photos are stunning, they make you want to drop everything and make your house as calm and lovely as hers seems to be, and whats more, I've really appreciated the honesty in which she has written about some pretty painful stuff, as well as the joy she has shared about becoming a new mother. A really nourishing little space, her blog is. Oh, and her posts on journalling have totally inspired me to start journalling again too!! So thankyou, Sophie!
This is Zara, who writes Zaranne-Handmade, one of my other favourite blogs. I can't remember how I stumbled across it, but I'm glad I did. Zara shares her wonderful thrifty finds, clever makes and inspiring garden. She's one of those bloggers who I feel like I already know, and have to remind myself sometimes that we have never met! I hope some day that I will though...
I met Rachel Cooper and her hubby Joel back stage at a gig we were both playing at Manchester Lane in Melbourne (remember that venue!!?) many years ago. We got chatting, and I realised I had stumbled across not just another band, but two really inspiring people! The couple are both part the indie band The Evening Cast (go check them out and support great original Aussie music!) and also run a handmade fashion label and little shop down in Geelong called Frank and Dolly's. Seriously, they are just living the lives they were obviously born to live... creating, making, travelling, parenting and doing it all TOGETHER! How cute is that? Rachel has certainly been an inspiration to me, being both a muso and crafty type, I used to feel that I could only be one or the other, silly I know.....check out Rachel and Joel being super dooper gorgeous in the beautiful clip.

Artist Lily Mae Martin was a friend of a friend many moons ago, and we ran into each other at a few gigs back in the day. I remember what a cool chick she was, and I still have a little badge with one of her drawings on it that she gave to me randomly one night! Our paths haven't crossed for quite some time, but they have certainly collided online!! Lily's artwork is a thing of beauty, and epic talent. Raw, Honest, Emotive, but always beautiful in some way. She is another artist like myself who became a parent in her 20's, and like Rachel, she reminds me everyday that you can be a parent and still remain completely engaged in your art as well. This is something that many artists who become mums fairly young in life struggle with, I've noticed. I think we sometimes worry that we didn't give out art "everything we've got" for long enough, or at least compared to some of our peers who haven't been raising families. But Lily is parenting, arting, and pretty much being awesome.
Taz Carr writes Butter and Buntings, a gorgeous blog filled with lovely crafty ideas, amazing recipes, photos of Taz's vintage home, and more. Taz is also one of my wonderful sister in laws, and over the many years we have become very close. Last year Taz and I sensed that our creative ideas and energies were similar and that combined we could work on something together to share with the world. That's how our zine Hundreds and Thousands was born, and I can't even begin to tell you how wonderful it has been working on it with Taz. It's been the best! So many cups of tea, slices of cake, quiches, laughing attacks and heart to hearts have been shared over our weekly magazine making catch ups. Taz is someone who isn't afraid of dealing with problems, shares her life with others with such honesty and integrity, and is seriously the best op shopper in the world.

So these are a few people who are inspiring me at the moment, and you should go and check them out! And if you made it to the end of this looooong post without "skimming it" CONGRATULATIONS!!

I'd love to know who inspires you, and perhaps if you've noticed a change in blogging over the last year or so??

Have a lovely weekend!

Mezz xoxox


a very cute swap!!

Do you like swaps?? I do!! I have had some lovely experiences of receiving and sending some lovely pieces of handmade over the past year or so thanks to some lovely bloggers organising great little swaps. My gorgeous sis in law Taz (who I make Hundreds and Thousands magazine with) is hosting a very cute looking vintage recipe swap over on her blog. I'm signing up and you should too!!

Click here to go sign up!!

Mezz x


weekend opshopping

Nothing better than a bit of weekend opshopping! Here a few recent treasures...
floral vintage fabric and large embroidery hoops..

pretty shoes..

vintage sewing case..

shower cap (Miss 3 modelling it for you!)

floral scarf and wonderful retro inflatable hangers!!

couldn't resist this sweet apron (and Miss 3 can't resist my new shoes!)

...and very very very cute vintage wrapping paper. Someone get married so I can use it!!

Mezz x



I made up a banana cake recipe..It's very moist and doesn't need icing.  Go on, make one too. So good with a cup of tea!

250 grams softened butter
3/4 cup of honey
2 eggs
1 1/2 cups self raising flour
1 teaspoon bicarb soda
1/2 teaspoon salt
2 bananas (mashed)
1/2 cup yoghurt (I used plain, but you could use whatever kind you might have, if you have a fruit yogurt, it may even add a bit of extra flavour!)

preheat oven to 180 degrees. grease and line a cake tin.

Mix the butter and honey, then add eggs one at a time and combine.

Sifting as you go, add the flour, salt and bicarb.

Lastly, add the mashed banana and yogurt.

If the mix seems a bit too "wet" (which mine did) add a little more self raising flour until it seems to be the consistency of a normal cake mix.

Bake for 45 minutes or until firm to touch.

Your welcome!!



Nice Things #2

zucchinis starting to grow in our community garden...aren't they cute?
opshopped vintage towels drying on the clothes line
wearing pretty clothes and performing at Festivals! More pics and info at www.mezzcoleman.com 
a pot of tea for one (opshopped of course)
Mr Coleman finding cool things for me at his work! (he works for a wonderful organisation called Green Collect)
turning vintage sheets into head scarfs
looking at my list of dreams and goals for 2014 and thinking TICK. They are actually happening!!

What Nice Things have been happening in your life recently?


Nice Things!

I have been a bit hopeless at blogging and visiting other blogs of late, and I do apologise..life has been nuts (in a good way) recently, and I just haven't found the time to sit down and say hi to you all...but hello, I'm back!

I thought I'd share with you some nice things that have been happening in my little life. One of my goals for 2014 was to stay positive and appreciate the beauty that is all around, so I think sharing some Nice Things is a good way to do that here too! Perhaps I might make a Nice Things post a regular feature on Mezz Makes Stuff. We'll see...
sunflowers appearing in our community garden
nice things on my bedside drawers
celebrating 10 years of being married to this guy later this week. Gawd, I love him!
finally our tomatoes are looking ok!
staying up late to play with scraps of vintage fabric and an old lamp shade
stringing up pretty bunting at Taz's house for a Hundreds and Thousands Mag photo shoot (oh my goodness..so excited, the next issue is off to the printers next week!)

What nice Things have been happening in your life recently??



making music and things...

Why hello creative souls!!
What have you been up to? I've been having a lovely and creative time, however I'm struggling to find the time to blog about it all! I've been sewing up a storm, op shopping, magazine making and music making!! I plan to share some of my makes and finds in blog posts soon.
Anyway, as a little side project this year, I am recording a cover song each month, as requested by my friends, followers and fans! I put the call out in January for Australian songs, and this is what I chose and came up with...

I am now taking requests for a new cover song. February can be a bit romantic, so
I am asking for favourite love songs!! I'll pick one and record soon!!

If you feel like requesting a song, please leave your suggestions as a comment below. And if you'd like to know more about my musical adventures head on over to www.mezzcoleman.com