'twas the season

Ah, Chistmas. It came, it went. The season is so precious. Blink, and its all over for another year. Most of the gifts given in our family were either handmade or fabulous second hand finds (I come from a family of oppshoppers!) There is a real sense of fun in our home as we hide away in rooms and yell "don't come in!!" while we work on each others gifts.

As this blog is brand new and Christmas has just gone, I'm unable to share with you many of the things we made as they've all been gifted. You'll just have to tune in next December to see what we are working on for Christmas 2012 (oh no, did I really say that!?)

However, one gift that I was particularly happy with this year was a teepee for the kiddies. Lovingly made with plenty of "issues" this lopsided teepee was still a hit Christmas morning. Based on the design idea in Kelly Doust's book "A Crafy Minx" and adapted to the materials I had on hand, I love the idea that our kids recieved a joint present this year, and that it will hopefully become a space where their imagination can run wild.

Hope you had a great Christmas, feel free to share any of your own creative adventures you had.


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