Simple Living

Simple Living. It's something I desire, but I often find myself overwhelmed by the lack of simplicity in my life. Overwhelmed by all my stuff, overwhelmed by all my dreams and hopes and plans, overwhelmed by my over-committments, overwhelmed by the never ending house work, overwhelmed by the long lists of things I want or need to do, overwhelmed by my anxieties, overwhelmed by my need to please everybody...and so forth..

Do you feel like that sometimes? 

Inspired by a great article I recently read, I prettied up a little notebook today to document and journal my way through what feels like the next necessary chapter of my life. Mastering the Art of Simplicity. 

Have you got any tips on how to live a simpler life? I'd love to hear your thoughts, experiences and ideas. 

Mezz x


  1. Sounds like a wonderful idea. I read an article about it in the recent flow and it really got me thinking. Was that where yours was? Xx

  2. I'm with you.
    One simple thing i'm trying to do is get into just making and using handmade cleaners, shampoo, soap etc. I'm in the process of using up all the bottles of lotions and potions that seem to clutter the bathroom cupboard and under the kitchen sink.

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