Taking Stock (joining in with Pip)

Joining in with Pip over at Meet Me at Mikes.

Making : The next Issue of Hundreds and Thousands magazine!
Cooking : From scratch. It hit me recently how often I wasn't doing that, so I'm trying to take my cooking back to basics.
Drinking : Tea. Proper tea! I've ditched the tea bags and am brewing lovely pots of tea again. So much nicer and I'm enjoying the whole ritual of making tea.
Reading: Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix
Wanting: Routine! These school holidays have been great, but I'm ready for some structure again in my life!
Looking: At the night sky a lot these days as I try to learn more about the moon and the lunar cycle.
Playing: With our new bunny, Snowy. He is too cute, and helping me overcome some pretty serious animal fears!
Deciding: How I'm going to timetable my work this year to fit with my hubby's job and family stuff.
Wishing: I could go on a super long holiday. Super long.
Enjoying: The very mild weather in Melbourne this week. It's summer, but only in the low 20's.
Waiting: For work to start back! I work in a school so get holidays (yay) but I am a casual so they are unpaid (not yay)
Liking: Joni Mitchell's album "Blue"
Wondering: How I can best do housework without it getting on top of me.
Loving: JK Rowling. I think she's a genius!
Pondering: What the next ten years or so might look like.
Considering: A new tattoo.
Watching: A Room with a View, Man Down, Sherlock, Midsomer Murders. All the good ones.
Hoping: That I manage my stress in a healthy way this year.
Marvelling: At the human body. My daughter's cracked collarbone is healing so quickly all by itself.
Needing: Rhythm, routine, balance.
Smelling: Hay. It's for the bunny. It's a new smell in the house I'm not used to yet!
Wearing: PJ's. Its the last day of school holidays so why not?!
Following: Creative and clever people over on Instagram.
Noticing: That I wake up every morning very dehydrated.
Knowing: I've got songs and stories and ideas I want to share with the world.
Thinking: About finding a beginners yoga class.
Admiring: The people in my life who live with mental illness, and live well.
Sorting: Through all the food and drinks my husband brought back from dumpster diving the other day. Have you heard about Dumpster Diving before?
Buying: Food.
Getting: Excited about releasing my EP of new songs soon!
Bookmarking: This,
Disliking: The constancy of housework. It literally doesn't end.
Opening: Windows and letting the breeze into the house. "Airing" out the house each morning has become a favourite little ritual of mine.
Giggling: At myself and my Harry Potter obsession. It's hit me later in life as a 30 year old, but it's hit me quite hard I must say! I get what all the hype was about now.
Feeling: Aware of all the things I need to do this year, but not overwhelmed, which is generally my default position. Hooray for not feeling overwhelmed!
Snacking: Home baked goodies.
Coveting: High waisted vintage style sailor pants. I really want some but they are expensive and hard to find.
Wishing: I was a more motivated and productive person. I've always been very creative but turning my ideas into real things requires a certain work ethic and discipline which is not in my nature.
Helping: My kids and myself.
Hearing: Cars and trucks. I live on a busy road!


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