giveaway winner and cute christmas gift tags!!

Hiya guys, I'm so sorry, I was supposed to announce the winner of my little giveaway last week, but we have had no internet connection!! Congratulations to Bec who received my little giveaway prize. If you are keen on downloading the Christmas album I was part of (which was the giveaway prize!) click here to download from ITunes.
Anyway, hope all your Christmas preparations are going well. My December has been much more hectic then I had hoped, and I feel like I've been squeezing everything in, rather then enjoying it, but I think it's just one of those years, and I just need to roll with it. Don't get me wrong, everything I have been doing has been great, but I'm definitely looking forward to some serious down time in January.

If you are after some last minute creative ideas, check out all these gorgeous gift tags that were handmade and posted around the world as part of the Christmas gift tag I put together.... How cute are they!!!?? Thanks to everyone who participated!! These are juts some of the tags that were made and shared...

...and these are the gift tags I made, upcyclng an opshopped Richard Scarry Christmas book....I was pretty happy with how they turned out.

lots of love, Mezz xo


  1. Hi Mezz thank you so much for organising the gift tag swap, I really enjoyed taking part in it NAND was delighted with the gift tags I received from Beth. Wishing you a very Merry Christmas and a happy new year.
    Marianne xx

  2. They all look fabulous.....well done on all the crafty creative peeps. xxx

  3. Congrats to bec!! Is this bec my partner?? Thanks for hosting the swap, it was fun. Hope you got my email with pics of the tags. Much love xoxo

  4. Fab labels Mezz, I always say I'm going to reuse my Christmas cards, love those little crochet hearts! :) x

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