Hip hip Hooray!

(green icing waiting to ice the cake!)
Coleman Jnr turned 7 on Saturday. In fact, he's growing up so fast, I'm afraid he won't seem much of a "Jnr" for long... one day I'll have to reveal his real name (or come up with a  new "internet" one!!)
(handmade party bags made using an old plain bed sheet and decorated with fabric textas by the Birthday boy!)

We had a very special day celebrating all that he is. He is extremely clever, funny, creative, and compassionate. He drives us crazy at times, but isn't that a kids job at least sometimes!!!??

(Popcorn for the movie....gee I'm glad I bought 500 of these paper bags a few years ago at the Op Shop, they keep coming in very handy, and are pretty cute!)
(each child had their own movie ticket)
We celebrated with a  very simple day, but it was lovely. In the evening we set up an old fashioned "projector" screen and invited a few friends over for a Movie Night. We thought it was most impressive, but on reflection realised that most kids who came over probably have TV's at home about the same size as the projection screen...(we are still hanging on to our very crappy, very old, very small non flat screened 80's box.)

(the cake is ready to be iced!)
Happy Birthday to a wonderful little man!!
(I bought an un used packet of these straws at a trash and treasure market last year. I've been waiting for the right occasion to pull them out!)
Much Love and happiness
Mezz x



  1. Happy birthday Junior! Looks like your Mum made your birthday really special! :) x

  2. Sounds and looks like a great party! Hope F had a great day and we look forward to helping celebrate soon! xx

    1. yeh it was pretty cute...it will be nice to catch up, but shall we wait till you've moved?when's it all happening?xx

  3. Happy Hippy Hoppy Birthday to Jnr.....love those party bags you made....tell your Mum she is the best Mum In the world!!!!
    D x

  4. Happy birthday. The perfect day to my mind. Thank you so much for such a lovely comment about my Elmer blanket. Keep chugging but have some breaks is the way I have coped with the enormity of it xx

  5. looks like it was a perfect birthday party! love the party bag idea :)

  6. Happy birthday Jnr! Looks like a wonderful birthday.
    M x

  7. Glad our wonderful 7 yr old had a great day, and that we were part of it earlier. Would love to see pics of his cake...hmmm, how were the trees? xo

  8. Happy birthday Jnr ... looks like a great party ... love the party bags ... Bee xx

  9. thanks yall for birthday wishes and bloggy love!crazy week this week...hope to be in touch soon with a new post!x

  10. Sounds like it was a fun time had by all...Happy Birthday to your little man. xxx