Today: the high's and lows...


That's the only way I can describe my day. Some highs, some lows...but as the night draws to a close, I can't help but reflect on the day and feel a bit overwhelmed.

I woke up this morning to find out that my album "Parts of You, Parts of Me" received a really scathing online review yesterday. This guy didn't hold back. He clearly didn't like my music and really went to town on hanging it on the album. I'd like to say I'm tough, I cop that stuff on the chin and forget about it, but unfortunately I'm quite a sensitive soul, and took this criticism to heart. I'm also in the process of recording and playing more music again after a 2 year break, so this has the potential to shatter my confidence if I let it. I know this is silly. I know that when you're an artist you put things "out there" for people to respond to. I also know that a hell of a lot of people, including many industry folk whom I actually respect really love the album, and I know I need to remember all the kind words that have been spoken about my music over the years. But words can cut deep and this one hurt today.

Determined to put it behind me and not mope around all day, I headed up to the hills for a picnic with my 2 little ones, and my gorgeous sister in law Taz (aka Butter and Buntings) and her wee little man. We had a beautiful time in a great spot and with great food (complete with vintage picnic baskets, rugs, mugs, and thermoses of course!!) Unfortunately my nearly 7 year old Coleman Jnr's "quirkiness" got the better of him for a while today, and it was a battle...but, we worked through it, and all in all had a lovely time together. (Thanks Aunty Taz, for being so wonderful by the way! I often find that I can get highly stressed when my "special" child struggles, and it's amazing how often his Aunties and Uncles are in the right place at the right time, and able to step in with love, warmth, humour and distractions when I am running out of all of those things!)

The drive home took ages (over 90mins) and my 2 year old Little Miss was crying all the way home. Yep, the whole time. I was sure it was just tiredness so tried to ignore it and kept driving. When we got home, I realised my poor, poor little girl's tummy was covered in blood. I freaked. Trying to figure out what an earth the problem was, I ripped off all her clothes and found (would you believe?) that there were three leeches on her tummy, sucking her blood. The fact is, she is totally fine, but it was just horrible. I felt bad about the car trip home, and its never nice to see your child in any sort of discomfort.

So they are my lows.

But you know what? Even in a day that's been a little off, I can see lovely and wonderful things in all parts of my day, and I feel so blessed. There is always love and beauty in my life...sometimes I need to look a little harder, but it's always there.

Some of the highs from my day....
Spending time with wonderful Taz
Kookaburra's laughing at us while we ate lunch.
Spending a bit of time outside of my usual urban environment, the fresh air and gum trees did me good.
Community meal with friends (I nearly didn't join my friends tonight, but in the end I did, and am glad!!)
Hearing my dear friend Sara, sing for the first time.
A wonderful, wonderful hubby who picked up on my vibes today and has just gone out to get me some chocolate!!
a bag of vintage material from Taz!! (will share later.)
Remembering that my problems really aren't that bad.

Thanks for reading my little rant.
Mezz xo


  1. the applause for your album would drown out that one negative person.
    it's ok to feel bad today & get over it, tomorrow is a whole different story!

  2. thanks raylee..we all love the book u sent by the way!

  3. Sorry to read about your negative critique Mez. I know how upsetting it must've been for you to read it. I think you've got a beautiful voice, and I love all of your songs I've had the pleasure of listening to. Please don't lose faith or confidence in your self - that would be a crying shame. Sometimes in life we've just gotta take the good with the bad, and as Raylee says 'get over it' Please keep singing and performing, if I'm ever in Melbourne I want to be able to come to one of your gigs!

  4. Leeches! Yuck!

    Try to take something constructive from the albums criticism... learn something from it and take the hill road.

  5. I was thinking bout you today, thinking how kind you are, you have a good soul, you don't know me but you still reached out to me. Hold on to your goodness, especially when things get tough! Even the simplest of things can be a challenge when you've a quirky child in the family, I could write a book on all the triggers! Just had to manage a meltdown, phew!
    As for the critics words, it's just one persons opinion. There will be those who love what you do (the Bea family do!) and there will be those who don't, music is so personal. Read through what he's wrote again, put your objective head on! Is there anything in it you could learn from, or is he literally talking out of his backside!
    I've missed my kids illness too, little Bea had tonsillitis so bad once she kept chocking on her food....did I feel bad! Never missed the leeches though, mind you we are in the UK, they aren't too much of a problem here!
    Take care, there's always tomorrow! :) x

  6. Sorry you're feeling a bit down, Mezz. Remember though that you can never please everyone all of the time (or some such saying). Besides, the fool clearly has no taste whatsoever. Chins up lovely. xx

  7. Chin up ... what does one scathing opinion matter ... you are so talented and should rise above this person's meanness ... tomorrow is a brand new day ... Bee xx

  8. Yay for the sun coming up on another day and new beginnings...love that you could still look for the good and that will help keep the lows in balance and in a place that they belong. Hope today is super for you. xxx

  9. oh mezzy, that sounds like a horrendous day, i would have been a write off. but you pick your self up and look around for the good stuff. good on you, i admire you. hope the wee ones are alright now, and ignore the haters, they're are more lovers than haters out there xxx

  10. lovely ladies....thanks for all ur comments.im feeling a lot of blogging love!

    i had a good night's sleep after yesterdsy and woke feeling refreshed, inspired and not too bothered by yesterday.but i appreciate that i had this space to share my feelings with sympathetic readers!

    its a new day....


  11. Hi Mezz! Wow, I was just randomly thinking about you and was looking to see if you'd released any new music and I found this blog. You probably don't remember me, but I used to do singing with you back at avila a few years ago. Your voice is completely beautiful and unique, I have always been in awe of it along with your amazing lyrics. Now I've discovered you're an awesome blogger too! I really look forward to hearing your new tunes- there must be so many past students out there thinking the same! xx Kate

  12. wow kate!how wonderful to hear from u! hope ur doing well...feel free to be in touch, id love yo hear how lifes been going post school!



  13. Oh mezz...i had no idea you were feeling a bit flat. I had such a lovely time. I know this is a few days later but I do hope you are back to your strong confident self...thinking about what new art to share with the world..we are looking forward to it! xx

  14. Hi Mezz, having spent some time mooching around your very lovely blog, I came across this very heartfelt post. Firstly I want you to know that I think it is so good that our blogs share the good and bad as that typifies life. Criticism is so hard to take, even for the toughest of people and I think it is important that we reflect on our emotions as and when they arise. It's good to feel low and good to feel high, it enables us to differentiate between the different emotions that life can evoke in us. Now as a former opera singer, I know just how tough the music industry is and how tough these critics can be. The most important thing to take from the experience is to look at the reasons why you make music and what you hope to achieve with it, whether that is simply to enrich your soul and that of others. I can see just through some of the post I have read on your blog that you already do that through words so I can only but imagine how amazing your music is. Just remember the critic is one word against the world and on here everyone is urging you to carry on and believe in the power of your music. It take such dedication and commitment to be an artist, especially with two small children, I take my hat off to you!!!! I hope that you are in a better space now and thanks for sharing your emotions with us, I love that!! I saw in one of your other post you were doing a giveaway of a single of yours. I am just looking at your album on amazon and it is going on my wish list for a purchase very soon. Thank you for your lovely comments over at mine, I look forward to sharing more of your journey with you. Hannapat xo