my new whiteboard...

I am a list maker. Yes it's true. If you know me well, this may come as a surprise, as I'm not the most organised person, and often forget things. But let's just imagine for one scary second that I didn't write lists, ok? Coleman Jnr wouldn't get to school, I'd forget to shower, get dressed or work and the pile of dishes would be as a high as the Empire State Building.

Lists don't solve my problem, but they certainly help. They're not that helpful however, when they are crumpled up in the bottom of my handbag, which is where they often end up, so I needed to think of a new way to keep on top of things around here!!

Yesterday I decided that a small whiteboard to keep in the kitchen would be a much better way to display my lists and keep on track. However, I didn't really want to go and buy a brand new whiteboard. We try to avoid buying new things, and to be honest, I'm just not a huge fan of them to look at, the big, stark, white, ugly things that they are. So I decided to make my own, possibly the easiest thing I've ever made, but a very cute addition to my kitchen, and hopefully helpul too...time will tell!

Make one yourself:

Find an unused frame or buy one from the Op Shop. You could be awesome and use something old school or vintage, but i only had $2 so went with this.

Choose some pretty material from your stash (make sure the colours are pale.)

Remove the glass and backing. Cut your material to the same size as the backing.

Put everything back in the frame. Glass, material, backing (in that order.)

Hang it up and get writing. Whiteboard markers work perfectly on the glass and rub off very easily. (Don't you love that there are only 2 things to do on my list? I just quickly wrote on it to take a picture. Sadly a lot more has to get done around here today!)




  1. Such a great idea! It'd be a handy thing to use for all my of lil bubba's crayon drawings... I'll have to get him to use yellow maybe!

    1. yes, it would work quite well for a child's drawing spot too! i like!!

  2. Yes we have one off these too! We write all upcoming bills and food needed otherwise problems would occur!

  3. What a clever idea! And you're right...the ones you buy are quite sterile looking. This is much more creative. Who thought of it? xo

  4. By the way, I am not writing this at the unearthly hour of 2.33am, don't know why it says that! It's a very respectable 8.33pm! xo