North South East West (live)

We recently recorded this live track for one my songs, "North South East West." My lovely brothers, John and Pete are in the background and playing beautifully. Thanks to Mr Coleman for filming and to John for mixing and editing. If you're interested, the dress I'm wearing in the clip was handmade by my lovely and clever man, Mr. Coleman. It was my Christmas present last year. As you can see, whether it's music or craft, we are a very DIY bunch. Enjoy the track, and feel free to comment if you like it! (If you don't, please keep your comments to yourself!)

In other music news, my Backyard and Lounge Room Tour kicks off this weekend, and I'm very excited! I have had such a long break from performing that I really feel ready to get back into it, but I'm so glad that we are doing it in this relaxing, calm and family freindly way. Over the next 2 months we will be visiting backyards and lounge rooms across Melbourne to play intimate acoutsic shows for our hosts and their guests. I'll post plenty of pics and let you know how it's going!

And in one last little peice of music news, I'll be heading down to sing for an hour or so next Saturday 17th March at the Maribyrnong Makers Market. I am sooooooooo looking forward to this, I feel like I'm really starting to find ways in which I can combine my love of all things craft with all things music! Mr Coleman and my brother Pete will be playing some tunes in the morning with their duo, "The Sketching Room", and I'll be on after lunch. Feel free to come down and check out the awesome local crafts, listen to some music and have a bite to eat (last time I was at the MMM I went a bit crazy with my money on an unbelievable cupcake stall...just a warning!)

Maribyrnong Makers Market
cnr Gamon and Mackay Streets, Seddon
Saturday 17th March, 9.30-3.30
Free entry

It's all happening!

Lots of love, Mezz x


  1. I look forward to being at the first backyard show this weekend.....oh and i will most definatly help you spend and eat more at the cupcake stall at the market! yayyy for sweet things!

  2. yes, the cupcakes are amazing! looking forward to taking the tour up to your place next month!!! xoxo

  3. Mezz, I love the song! You're very easy to listen to =)
    I also love the cute toys Felix has made!
    Naomi, Melissa's sister.

  4. really like the sound of your voice....what a talented lot you are! looking forward to hearing more of your songs. do you write as well?

  5. thanks guys for all the encouragement! im glad you have been enjoying this song! lots of love xoxoxo