A week in pictures....

I feel like I haven't posted here for a while, so thought I'd show you in pictures what creative things I have been up to during the last week or so.

Our first show as part of the Backyard/Lounge Room Tour

Still knitting! (see, it's looking a little longer.)

A new Art Smock for Coleman Jnr (sorry about crappy photos.)

Making a big batch of chutney with lovely friends, using home grown produce from our community garden. Yum! (will post the recipe later.)

A few other highlights from the past week (in no particular order)
Celebrating Harmony Day with a Community meal last night
Singing (and shopping!) at the Maribyrnong Makers Market
Welcoming some new housemates (from East Timor) into our home
Sewing a Birthday present for my nephew's first birthday
Visiting the beautiful Organ Pipes National Park with my family
Taking out some great knitting and gardening books from the local Library
Organising an Easter Crafternoon with some friends to be held soon!!!!!
Cruisin' around Footscray on my awesome NEW BIKE!
Having such wonderful and understanding friends

Hope you have had a good week. What creative things have you been up to?


  1. What a lot you've done in a week! Chutney good? Would love to see how similar the recipe is to mine, which is also very yummy. Goes well with all sorts of things eh?Also good to see some pics from your backyard/loungeroom tour....house comes up well with pretty lights!~ Have been doing lots of knitting...will show you when you're over xo

    1. the chutney is very good! i got the recipe from a book. its quite different to yours, i think. not as sweet. there is no sugar in it, just apple and honey. yes the backyard looks great in the pics!xx

  2. Nice post.. I'm looking forward to our big Easter ROCK MASSSSH... Uh, I mean crafternoon.