Another birthday!!!

This time it was Coleman Jnr's turn to celebrate. He had a great time at his Mr. Men Birthday Party in our backyard. I was pretty busy on the day being Little Miss I Make The Party Happen so I forgot to take many photos, but here's a quick peak at a few things we got up to...

Party food. Yes, we kept it simple, and very party-ish. Fairy bread, honey joys, home made sausage rolls and home made chicken nuggets and chips (no, I'm not apologising for a small amount of junk at a party!) Old school.

Party Bags for his friends. Inside was a honey joy, a fairtrade chocolate and a homemade Mr. Strong magnet.

I wish I had also taken a photo of the Mr. Happy Birthday cake, Pin the Nose on Mr. Sneeze, our cute decorataions and the kids playing Musical Statues with a bit of a Mr Men and Little Miss theme! Oh well, you will just have to imagine it and take my word that it was a very lovely day.

I'll be in touch soon with a few more crafty adventures.

Mezz x


  1. Yay, you blogged again! I know lives are busy, but I was hoping that the silence was not a sign of things to come or not to come, so happy to see another blog entry! Looking forward to the next! xoxox

  2. hi taz, yes, life was a bit too chaotic over the last few weeks to think about blogging, but im back now! im glad you enjoy it. by the way, since silly old me can figure out how to have blog, you DEFINATLY should do one too! it would be the best, all your cooking and sewing...think about it! it would be awesome! xoxo

  3. cute party bags!....looking forward to seeing your new creations.

  4. Looks like your little man had a great birthday. And doesn't fairy bread photograph well!!! Bet the sausage rolls were yummy too...nana's recipe? xo

  5. The home made sausage rolls were sensational! Great party for my little Jnr Coleman man....more importantly the kids loved it! Also, Molly had finished her lolly bag before I even got the car started to head home!