Birthday time!

One of my lovely sister in laws (I have heaps of lovely sister in laws by the way!!) had a birthday recently. Being quite a creative minx, and a huge lover of all things second hand, I always enjoy coming up with a gift for her.

Some nice material from my stash that I know she likes.

A large dress from the local Op shop for her "bump" to grow into (she's expecting her first bubba in August.)And when it's too big for her, she'll be able to use the material to make something else, as it's very cute!

A pot holder. She is collecting op shopped pot holders and hopes to turn them all into a quilt one day.

A set of 4 napkins that I whipped up. This bright material will suit her cute floral kitchen.

A simple home made birthday card, using a cut out picture from a magazine, and my favourite ever letter stamps.

Happy Birthday lovey. Hope you liked the gifts!


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