How to host a very stress-free CRAFTERNOON.

There is nothing better then setting time aside with your mates to prioritise creativity, rather then just tucking it in at the end of your day for a few minutes before bed. I love a good Crafternoon (or Craftermorning, but it just doesn’t have the same ring to it) so I tought i'd share my tips on how to host a stress free one. Internet land is full of "How to host crafternoon" instructions, so I’m sorry if I'm repeating what you've already read. However, some of the plans I've found online are pretty full on, so I've figured out my own way of hosting them so they are easy peasy lemon squeazy.

-Pick a date, and time (you will need to allow at least 3-4 hours.)

-Invite a group of friends to your place. Text, phone or email is cool. If you facebook it, remember you might exclude a few really cool people who aren't on facebook (like me, or your Grandma) so bare that in mind.

-Be flexible with the time. I like to tell my friends that I’ll be home and crafting say, between 10-2 and they can come for the whole time, or drop in for an hour or so. Up to them.

-Set a loose theme, just for fun. So far I have hosted Christmas and Easter Crafternoons. I'm sure you can be more creative then me with your theme.

-When inviting friends, tell them to bring their own craft project to work on. That way you are not responsible for supplying materials or teaching everyone how to do something. The idea is that you’re getting together and making, not running a class!! And even though everybody is working on their own thing, it's amazing how by the end of the day ideas are being shared and different skills are being taught.

-Ask everybody to bring a yummy snack to share, and you'll supply the cuppas.

-if your time together runs across a meal time such as lunch or dinner, ask people to RSVP whether or not they will be there for a feed. Provide a very simple meal (such as DIY salad rolls.) You don't want to spend your day in the kitchen, it’s a Crafternoon! So keep it simple and stress free.

-If possible, set up a large clear table so that your friends will have a decent workspace. I also usually set my sewing machine up so that others can use it if they need.

-Will there be kids present? Make sure they have something to do/watch.

-fill the CD player or Record Player full of good tunes.

-And that’s it. Simple. Don't get stressed by making it difficult for yourself. Hosting a Crafternoon should be fun!!

Pics of our recent Easter crafternoon soon!


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