Baby Shower Gifts

My little brother and his wife (Taz, who writes the lovely blog Butter and Buntings) are expecting their first bubba in the next month or so. We are all getting quite excited!! Our little nephew is due to arrive while we are away overseas, so I'm hoping he holds out just a few more days til we're back (I'm sure Taz isn't hoping that though!!)

Anyway, thought I'd share with you the gifts we gave them at their baby shower over the weekend. Most were Op Shop finds, I love that most of my friends and family appreciate these second hand type gifts!

Cute green elephant shirt (Op shop)
A nappy change mat (just pieced together two pieces of oil cloth with an old towel sandwiched in for softness. Edged it with thick bias tape and learned that I cannot sew straight lines!!)
Picked this up from a local craft shop on a recent day trip to Maryborough
Cute. Op Shop.
Really cute. Op shop.
This Bulldogs scarf was given to us 6 years ago for Coleman Jnr. He's turned out to be a bit more of a Tigers fan though (yes!!)
another Op Shop find

Good luck Pete and Taz!

love Aunty Mezz xox


  1. Thankyou Mezz, for these cute gifts! Was looking at them again yesterday, as I was putting them in their homes for baby boy, and I got quite excited! Im ready for baby now to be honest, but would love for you guys to be around as well! Shall we skype the birth hahah!

  2. hahaha..yes, i really do hope he comes on time...or a week early might be nice! im sure even if we are not in the country when he arives there will be time for plenty of cuddles later...but a live birth on skype sounds great!!!! joking!