The journey so far.

So this whole "Blogging" thing has been way more fun then I thought it would be! The first 6 months of my blogging life have zipped by! Here are a few simple things I got up to over the past 6 months that I didn't get round to posting....
Performing an acoustic set at the Maribyrnong Makers Market.
Our beautiful country. Organ Pipes National Park.
Home made spinach and fetta pizza. yum.
Making cakes!
Simple Easter crosses in our community garden
Stop and smell the roses.
...more baking!
Dressing my kids from head to toe in Op shopped goodness!

Recycled bottles make great vases. The roses are from our garden.
Fresh produce from our community garden.
I've JUST started getting the hang of crochet, and loving it!
Look! Our garlic is growing!

I'm really enjoying blogging, it's been quite an outlet for me.However, I'm now going to say bye-bye for a month as we head off to the UK in a few days! I'm sure I'll have plenty more to share once I'm back. Thanks for reading my blog, and make sure you come back again in a month or so!
Mezz xoxoooooooo

PS- I'm quickly going to "whip up" some pretty bunting for our Brother's Wedding in London before we leave in two days. (They are having a picnic wedding..how cute!) I won't have time to share it with you, but the idea I'm going with is to make the bunting out of something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue.


  1. Have fun in the UK! Enjoyed reading your lovely fun blog :)

  2. Looking forward to more delights on your return. Have enjoyed the last 6 months of your blogging....you even inspired me to start one. Interested to hear about the picnic wedding. Hope the British weather is as kind to you all as it was to us last year. xo