Ben Folds: Soundtrack to my life..

There are not many bands or musicians that I’m fanatical about. Ok, the Beatles, yes. That kind of goes without saying. But generally I like music that I like, don't like what I don't like, and have never gotten caught up in "scenes" or "sounds". I don’t really know what its' like to be a crazy fan, or totally hooked on one thing.

I guess the closest I’ve ever come to this though, would be my love of Ben Folds, (and Ben Folds Five.) I spent most of my teenage years listening to either the Beatles or Judy Garland... Ben Folds Five were really the only "current" thing that I got into. Ben Folds seemed to make sense to me musically as well as lyrically, which wasn’t the case with most other music I heard. Their early albums were the soundtrack to my teenage years, and as I’ve grown up, I feel like I’ve grown up with Ben, as his matured, and the content of what he writes about still resonates with me today.

I wasn't sure what song to share with you, but I thought I’d go with something old school, one of my favourite tracks from the album that got me through Year 8 as a 14 year old or so, this song is “Battle of Who Could Care Less” from the album “Whatever and Ever Amen.”

3 cheers for something awesome that happened in the 90's!

Mezz xx


  1. We must have been typing posts at the same time, as I just did one of Ben Harper! Loving your song choices though!xx

  2. ooo..ben harper, yes! my fav song of his at the mo would have to be "forever." so happy for you that your gonna go see him! wot an awesome brother you have, getting tix for u xx