I am in heaven. It is Fete time here in Melbourne. Nothing makes me happier then visiting all the  little schools and churches and checking out the trash and treasure, cakes, preserves,plants and craft they have to offer....and then grabbing a sausage in bread for lunch followed by a Devonshire Tea. It really is too much goodness to take in on one day.

Thought I'd share out most recent second hand finds, most of which came from a few Fetes we visited over the weekend.

This little wooden mini side board was $5. Bargain! Little Miss loves it!

we paid a couple of dollars dor this little wooden bed for the dolls to sleep in, plus a bag of dolls clothes.

My new teapot. I kept wanting to buy a teapot like this on our hiliday in the UK, but it just didn't happen. Mr. Coleman found this for me for $4 the other day.

Pocket size craft book. Cute.

Bright new table cloth.

Shoes for me..I've been wanting high heels, but not too high, so I'm happy with these.

This little find is why this post is titled "Yesssss!" (Because that's what I screamed when I came across this amazingly awesome and totally working German Melodica for $1.50)

I'm still high fiving myself about this one.

A summer dressing gown.

We love this tray. Mr. Coleman's family is Welsh, and we have visited a few of these Castles. I think I might bake some Welsh treats soon, just so we can eat them off this tray!

New cushion cover.

We have been buying quite alot of other second hand stuff too, but I can't show you as they are all Christmas and birthday presents for loved ones who might be reading this blog!

Hurray for Fetes (and Op Shops!)



  1. Lovely! What great finds! I've been buying lovely stuff too and mainly from Vinnies. I've been busy for couple of months now to put new post but reading like your post is such a bliss. : ) Ning

  2. I'm soooooo jealous (not really....you know what I mean) of all those amazing things you bought at the fetes. I just want to go to some, but always seem to find out about them after the event! Those shoes are very like some I scored 2nd hand a while back. Mine aren't patent, but similar colour with a peep toe and wooden heel. Very comfy, a bit dressy but not too high. Enjoy. But you found so many gems....good shopping! xo

  3. Fab finds Mezz - love the tablecloth especially! :)

  4. LOVE the tablecloth, the kitchenette, the cushion, and I had a melodica like that as a child! Memories!! But WOW that tablecloth!! Awesome!

  5. thanks guys...yes, im very happy with these bargains too!

  6. What an awesome haul of stuff Mezz!

    PS: I really like what you have written on your kitchen wall :)