I love family traditions. The older I get, I find myself turning to rituals to mark different times throughout the year. I think that amongst so much chaos, the rythmn of ritual creates a sense of order, and calm, and helps me understand the seasons of life (for me at least.) Our son has a deep need for ritual and pattern on a daily basis which can drive me bonkers, but on a bigger scale I'm totally with him!

A new "tradition" that seems to have started is making a little dress for Miss Coleman to wear each year to her Birthday party. I hope to continue this until she doesn't let me...I'm very realisitc, i know it won't last forever!

Last year's dress: (1st Birthday) This dress has been worn a lot so its very dirty now!!

This year's dress: (2nd Birthday)

Some other family rituals and traditions emerging are:

Take away dinner each friday night! (Love this one!)

Making our own small Christmas tree each year, and general Christmas making and baking.

Using our handmade "advent calender" each Decemeber.

Crafternoons around Easter/Christmas time with the ladies in my family.

Making Easter Eggs using fairtrade chocloate each Easter.

Stringing up the "Happy Birthday" bunting each birthday.

Wednesday night dinner with our community each week.

Op shopping on Saturdays.

All of these things bring me deep joy.
What kind of family rituals and patterns occur in your house?
I'd love to know!



  1. We do affirmations with the kids every night before bed. And I guess bread making is a bit of a ritual around here :) but we don't have nearly enough ritual/tradition. It's something I'm working on.

  2. Gorgeous dress, by the way!!!

  3. thanks nic... i love the idea of affirmations each night! and i wish baking bread was a more regular occurance on our house! loved talking to you today xxx

  4. Oh my - I too love rituals. A lot of mine revolve around food. We have the same delicious meal every Tuesday and always enjoy a breakfast on a Saturday morning. Ironically, the other blog I read today ended up being about rituals too, with much the same question concluding as yours... you should check it out http://lulastic.wordpress.com/ (sorry for linking to another blog on your page) Maybe these blogs are trying to tell me something :)

  5. thanks, i'll check it out! that's funny that both blogs you read today were about the same thing...hmmm maybe we are trying to tell you something!!! thanks for stipping by, please do again! mezz