How to make a pretty Paper Garland!!

A lot of you would know that I had a little give away recently. I didn't show you part of what I popped in the parcel, because I hadn't actually made it yet!! So I thought I'd share the cute little garland I made, and also show you how to make it too!!!! Before I start, I'll point out that this project includes cutting up a book... I''m a huge book lover and don't usually approve of this, but you can usually find these little beauties for 20c at Op Shops, and if they're a bit damaged, then why not hey! Books also work particularly well for this project, because the pages are double sided.

So you will need: A Little Golden Book, coloured thread and sewing machine, scissors, whole punch, ribbon and a shape cutter thing(optional!)
 Using your shape cutter thingy, cut as many shapes into your book as you want.. I have a circle cutter, so used that. I like using a mix of illustrations and text in my shapes. (You can also just use scissors for this step, but it will take much longer!!)

Choose some pretty thread and thread up the machine!
With a simple straight stitch, start sewing all your paper shapes together, by sewing a straight line through the middle, and then feeding the next one through....and the next....and the next...
Soon you will have along snake of cuteness!
  Find the shapes on either end and punch a hole in them using your hole punch
Tie some ribbon through the holes, so that you can now tie up your garland to hang.
If you a gifting this, why not use the hard cover from the Little Golden book as wrapping paper? Simply place the garland inside and wrap it up in string so its secure.

After making this I got carried away and found another vintage Little Golden Book full of Children's prayers that no one was really getting into in our house, so thought I'd use pages from this to make some cute stuff too! Here's  a little Banner I made for Little Miss. I've shown a few people and they all like, so I think I might make more of these for gifts, or to sell...Who knows!!?!!!

Hope this post finds you well! Life here hasn't been terribly easy of late, but finding time to be creative sure helps with feeding my soul when it is in serious need of nourishment! Do you find that too?

Mezz x

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  1. Very cute garland Mezz. Ive been wanting to make something to hang along my fire place thing and this will be perfect. Will try this weekend! xoxo

  2. they look cute and are super easy! yay.it willlook v cute in ur v cute house xx

  3. Oh my Mezz ... can't wait for it to arrive now. Sarah x

    1. thanks sarah...i hope u enjoy all the little goodies x

    2. thanks sarah...i hope u enjoy all the little goodies x

  4. Oh I do like paper bunting. So easy to do and super cute. xx

  5. yes, im into the paper thing at the moment too!so easy and fun.xx

  6. That's fantastic! I really love the little garland you made and thank you for the lovely tutorial.
    M x

  7. These are fabulous ideas....I have made bunting flags with some of mine...but I love the circle idea too. xxx

  8. Mezz, this is brilliant, and using the cover as wrapping is genius! Hope things get a little easier, crafting and creating is good for the soul, helps us de stress, then at least we have a fighting chance to deal with what life throws at us! :) x

  9. Very cute ... love it ... hope your pressures ease soon ... Bee xx

  10. thanks ladies!yes the bunting is pretty cute, i must agree!thanks for ur thoughts re my stress....rverythings ok really, just wishing being a mum could be a bit more free and easy, at the moment its just bloody hard work!

  11. Love your bunting idea. being a mum gets easyer, there only young for such a little time. Enjoy your weekend. Cheers Eve

  12. sweet idea, i keep meaning to make a garland from this pretty flower book I have! have a good weekend, Heather x

  13. Love the garland Mezz.....I love using old books/childrens books for this sort of thing.
    I made a heart shaped garland for a friend, but had to be very careful when wrapping it, as it did get in quite a tangle, lol......
    Your little banner is very cute and a great idea.
    A little time spent creating can make all the difference to your day and help ease difficult times.
    Take care......

    Claire x