Easy Peasy Recipe #9

Thanks once again for all the lovely comments and emails I've been receiving of late. The lovely comments about my new song "Simple Girl" in particular warmed my heart.

Anyway, here is an Easy Peasy Recipe from a reader and fellow #postcircle member, Liz. Liz lives in East Yorkshire in the UK. She is a writer, and hoping to start writing her own blog soon (can't wait!) Yorkshire just happens to be one of my favourite places on God's earth. There's something sacred about the land up there. Because I love Yorkshire so much, I thought I'd add some pics we took in the area on our trip last year to the UK. (We were in West Yorkshire, not East where Liz lives, but it was very very wonderful.)

Happy cooking people, and feel free to join in the Easy Peasy Recipe fun by either blogging your own recipe and sending me the link so I can share with my readers, or just email me mezzcoleman@hotmail.com like lovely Liz did.

Southwold Tart- from Liz.
Here is a dead simple recipe for those left over bits of pastry you don’t quite know what to do with when making pies etc – everyone has them.
This is a recipe for something called Southwold Tart. It is light and dead simple, and no-one will believe how you have done it. It comes from a local history book that is 53 years old, and quotes this recipe as being over 100 years old even then, so this is a goody getting on for 200 years at least. Southwold is a great little seaside town in Suffolk.
Make your waste shortcrust into either small tartlet pans or a smallish pie pan.
Gently heat a tablespoon of golden syrup until it relaxes, not hot. Whisk in one egg until the mixture clears and looks as it did before you started. Pour into pastry cases and cook until done – decide by eye depending upon the size of tin – 10 to 25 minutes.
You will have a delicious, light and delicate treacle tart.....and no-one will be able to guess how you have made it. Easy peasy!

oH!! i WANT TO GO BACK!!!!


  1. Gorgeous photos. Thank you for sharing. Tart sounds yummy too

  2. My Grandma was a Yorkshire lass, I always feel like I'm going home when we go! :) x

  3. Gorgeous pics.....and i love love love your song....D x

  4. Nothing like good old treacle tart and Yorkshire. I too love both and have recently learnt how to do a gluten and dairy free treacle tart thanks to Pippa Kendrick. xo

  5. Clever recipe! I love Yorkshire too - my brother & his family live in North Yorkshire, which is beautiful... but way too far away from Cambridge for my liking ;)

    Thanks for your lovely comments on my blog. I'm glad you like it! I'm hoping to have posts up more regularly again. Where did the month of May go?!

    I haven't listened to your new song yet so will do so right now!

  6. Lovely lovely photos. I have never been to Yorkshire but would love to go. Tart recipe sounds delicious.
    M x

  7. Yorkshire is such a wonderful county and the coastline is gorgeous. Am off to go listen to your new track ... still no parcel, but I'm not sure how long the post takes from Australia ... Sarah x

  8. Yummmmm! Anything to do with pastry and Im there! Photos are lovely! xoxo

  9. thank you lovely people for your commetns...yes the photos are lovely, I cant look at them for too long before I just want to get back there!i hope you all have ago and enjoy the recipe! x

  10. Oh I so get how you feel about seeing photos and longing to be back there. That's how I felt for 28 years!!!!! No wonder I felt so emotional when I finally saw England through the clouds 18 months ago. Something there just grabs at my heart....and Yorkshire is right up there! Finally putting a photo book together, so lots of reminiscing going on. xo