What do your walls say about you?

My walls say that even though I'm 28, I'm still a teenager at heart. I still prefer blue tacking pictures to the walls and proper pictures with nails and hooks and serious stuff seems a bit too grown up for me!

My walls say that I'm definitely a more is more person. I'm not a big fan of minimalist design and seem to clutter my house and walls with precious little bits and bobs.
My walls say that we love travelling. We love looking at our stash of postcards, mementos and pics from our family trips around South East Asia and the UK.
My walls say that I love people. I love being surrounded by photos of all the people I love. Friends, family, neighbours, community.
My walls say that perhaps I don't take my education seriously enough! My degree (Bachelor of Music/Jazz Improvisation) that I received in 2006 is still in the plastic slip that it came in, I've never thought to frame it like most people do!!
My walls say that I'm not a perfect mum (which is ok!) As much as I promised myself I wouldn't do this, I must admit that there are heaps more photos of our oldest child, probably because it was all so new with him. I love our second child just as fiercely by the way, life just gets a bit more hectic once you've had more then one and running down to the shops to print photos suddenly stops appearing on your to do lists!!!
My walls say that I love music. Some of the artists on our walls include the beloved Beatles, Michael Jackson, Jeff Buckley and Claire Bowditch. We also keep a lot of posters from gigs and shows we've played ourselves!
My walls say that I'm inspired by words. I love having a lot of special poems, prayers, quotes and sayings around me.
My walls say that I love Footscray. It is my home, both physically and spiritually.
My walls say how much I loved my nana, Elsie. She has a very special place in my heart (and on our walls!)  She was a wonderful woman who shared stories, was proud of her family history, collected cute sharpeners, cooked amazing food, crocheted, adored Gilbert and Sullivan, and loved her neighbours and family. (One day I'll show you a pic of when she was young...man, she was hot!!!!!)

My walls say that I have a clever hubby and friends who all make wonderful art.
What do your walls say about you?


  1. LOve your style. all those treasures to look at glad you have't stuck them in a box. Be proud of who you are. You should take a look at my house and I'm 60 Cheers :)

    1. thankyou!yes im always a bit sad by treasures hidden away, i like being able to see them all the time and enjoy!id love to see ur walls! xx

  2. What a lovely way to diaplay all your favourite things.

    My walls probably say I am old and boring! I used to have posters, postcards and photos all over them when I was younger. I recently made a few treasure boxes with holiday bits and bobs displayed inside, to remind me of my favourite places and have hung them on the walls, as I agree it is a shame to hide memories in boxes.

  3. Well they aren't as exciting as yours that's for sure! I get the whole older child thingy, Little Bea thought we had adopted her as there were no baby photos of her but lots of Eldest Bea! After this I frantically printed of photos from the computer and dotted them around the house! :) x

  4. I like it they are like pages from a journal! My walls are feeling a little bare now! I need to get over the freshly painted wall feeling first! Heather x

  5. I'm with you! I LOVE blue tac!! I tend to blue tac stuff up as it's much quicker and easier than nails etc!!! I also prefer the effect.. With you on the more is more thing too! LOL

    I'd love to have a gawk at all that stuff. My toilet wall is our main gallery, quite an ever-changing one!!

  6. Hardly any photos of number two here. Her biggest bone of contention is that she doesn't have a baby book! She brings it up constantly, but Anth was sick at the time and I never got around to it. One day I'll make her one (maybe for her 21st!Ha-ha!) I like your walls, there's nothing wrong with blu-tac!

  7. Memories of friends no longer with us, memories of children now grown up with little ones of their own, photos of whom also grace our walls....very precious and definitely not to be hidden away, rather to be shared and celebrated. Yep. My walls have always said a lot about who I am and where my heart lies...nothing's changed over the last 33 yrs (except the number of people to be added to my circle of friends and family!). I also love words....hope, joy, faith, welcome....simple words that speak to my heart and I hope to others who come to our home and feel loved here.xo

  8. I am not a minimalist either. Pictures and interesting things on walls is so much more personal and interesting. Our kitchen wall is filling up with isabella's lovely kinder artwork!

  9. Love your walls! All those details, memories, moments captured so you can always see them, how perfect!
    Sophie x