upcycling t-shirts into undies!

I have made myself some more undies! I love doing this. I like to wear mostly handmade or second hand clothes, but due to hygiene reasons I used to see underwear as the one item of clothing I needed to make exceptions for. The truth is, I still do buy nice new underwear every now and then (there are more and more ethical underwear companies emerging which is great to see), but I like mixing it up with what I can make myself too. I have posted about making undies before, and you can see how I go about it by clicking here.
I'm extra excited about these two recent pair though, because I made them using old tshirts that I was about to chuck. Old stretchy t shirts are great for underwear making, because they are comfy and stretchy. The decorative elastic used on the edges was op shopped.
I love my new undies! Handmade, comfy, ethical, upcycled and fun! Hip hip hooray!

Have you ever made underwear??

Mezz xx


  1. Great job Mezz.....I've never had a go at making undies, must keep an eye out at the oppy for some suitable elastic and give it a go.

    Claire xx

  2. Love these mezz. I have a birthday coming up..I wouldnt mind AT ALL if I was given some new pretty handmade undies. How rude of me.. but its true! xx

  3. You are very clever and resourceful xxx

  4. I tend to steer clear of underwear while op-shopping too.
    I really should try making my own. Thanks for the inspiration. x

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