Vote for Mezz!! (and make my day!!)

Hello, hello!

Just a quick post to let you know that I have recorded a cover version of the beautiful Clare Bowditch song "I Thought You Were God" and have entered it into her "Winter Secrets" Tour Competition. The winners get to perform this song on stage with Clare during her upcoming tour. It would be a thrill to have that opportunity of course, but the feedback I have been getting (including from Clare herself!) has made me very happy, so I already feel like a winner! I don't often enter singing comps, they can get pretty tacky! But this one is all about just supporting local artists and giving them some really lovely opportunities, so I figure why not!

Here is the little ukulele version I recorded....

And if you like this and you could spare a few moments to vote for me, click here. You will totally make my day of course!!  Just look for my video on the link and press "vote." It should be pretty simple!! You can vote from anywhere in the world, and if you are super keen you can vote once a day!! Whatever works for you!

Thanks everyone for all the support and love. What a gorgeous community I am a part of!!

Mezz xx


  1. Your voice is too beautiful, you've definitely got my vote xox Penny

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