handmade love

I just had to pop by quickly to share this adorable pic of our Miss Three. She is wearing a dress I recently made for her using some Little Mermaid fabric that was given to us in a big bag of fabric scraps.

The photo was taken at my brother John and his wife Ash's place, one of my fav places in the world. Their home is a place of love, welcome, acceptance, handmade, thrifting and more. Ash picked up that gorgeous crocheted blanket from an opshop, and that Anchorman cushion was a Christmas gift from us. I upcycled a thrifted tshirt to make it. One can never have too many Anchorman references in the home, I believe. 

Mezz x


  1. Ohh it's beautiful Mezz. x

  2. Very cute!
    (looks like a lovely home) x

  3. Gorgeous!! You are very blessed to be so close to your sister in law and to feel so welcome in their home! Such a cute photo! xoxo

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