nice things #10

love heart sunnies, thrifted cherry hair clips and sunshine!

getting this favourite pic of my Nana and Pa in an email from my dad.

recieving beautiful things in the mail

watching my husband and his brother play some sweet tunes at a craft market. music plus craft=WIN

working on a colourful granny square bunting

fresh flowers from the garden in upcycled vases

what nice things have been happening in your world?? xx


  1. I'm gonna make myself a granny bunting now! Can't believe I don't have one already!!

  2. They are all really lovely things. I especially love the photo of your Nana and Pa. What a precious thing to have. I am trying to come up with ideas for my parents 50 year wedding anniversary!! I know!! 50 years - that can only mean one thing - yes that means I will be 50 next year. Yikes. Anyway it's hard coming up with something special for them that's not too schmaltzy.

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