Some new (old) stuff!!


Thought I'd share this week's Op Shop finds.

I found this cute sun dress at the local Salvo Store in the dress up clothes section!
Works for me though!

This beautiful old sheet will be a great addition to my fabric stash.

Ok, I know I should stop buying vintage bathers everytime I see them!
But it's very hard to walk past $5 of awesomeness and not get in on the action!

A new shirt..I'm digging this for some reason.

Cute little mini fry pan for Miss Coleman's "kitchen."

Just what everybody needs...a Nurse Bubooshka doll...or not!!!??

a lovely old wrap around skirt.

Mr. Coleman found this one.
He's been wanting an old school type clock for ages! Tick that off the list at last.

And to top it all off, I came home from work yesterday to recieve this lovely Wedding Anniversary gift from Mr. Coleman which he found in an Op shop (along with some old records.) He knew I'd been wanting a stove top kettle with a great whistle. It really is making our cups of tea all the more wonderful.

Anyway, thanks for popping by, oh, and welcome to my new followers by the way! I'm so glad you've joined me over here! I've been quite unwell the past 2 weeks, but the lovely comments I've been getting, and seeing I had some new followers for this little blog has warmed my heart. You are all lovely.


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  1. I am loving the wrap around skirt!

  2. thanks libby.it cost four bucks! great.

  3. Gorgeous clock, clothes, fabric and I love that copper kettle Mezz (not sure about the nurse though, she's slightly reminiscent of Nurse Hatchett I reckon, and a bit scary looking)

    Happy anniversary too btw (and I thought I was a child bride!)
    I hope you feel better soon x

  4. hehe...yes the nurse is a bit creepy, i agree! mr coleman found it...and our little miss loves it!

  5. Hey Mezz, hope you're feeling tip top, ASAP......

    More great op shop finds.....lovin' that clock and the kettle's great...fab anniversary present.I was probably wearing a pir of bathers like those back in the 80's !! Vintage eek, lol.....

    Enjoy your weekend.....

  6. You have found some really cool stuff....my hubby would love that clock. xxx

  7. Love it all mezz. The dress and skirt are amazing and hooray for on the stove tea pots! Hope your opshopping is a sign of your health getting better! x

  8. Love the kettle...I've been thinking of going back to a stove kettle like we used to have. Warm and comforting somehow. Love the bathers too! Looking forward to a cup of tea in a pretty tea cup (like Mr. Coleman made for me when we were over last). Tastes so good out of fine china! (though I'm usually thirsty and go for the biggest mug I can find!) xo

  9. love seeing all your op-shop treasures :) i am currently hunting random tea cups and saucers for my bf's high tea baby shower. i go in looking for tea cups and come out with vintage sheets and kids books, lol.

  10. ooo...ur a good friend organising a high tea for ur friend.id love to know how it goes,keep me posted!xx

  11. Great finds. I love the Nurse nesting dolls and that clock is fantastic. Cx

  12. Gosh youve got some brill finds, i would have taken them all home x