Some pics from my recent photo shoot!

You may know me online as a bit of a crafter, an op shopper, a tea drinker, a zine maker and blogger. Yes, I am all of these things, but first and foremost I am a musician. A singer and a songwriter. My music mojo has lain dormant for a few years now, but 2014 is full of exciting new projects which I can't wait to share with you!!
The promotional photos I've been using for my website were looking a bit tired, so we headed out into the garden last week to take some new photos. I think I'm happy with how they turned out. Mr Coleman took them, he is quite a clever chap, don't you think??
By the way, my outfit is completed thrifted!!
I've had a music website up and running for about a year, but have found it quite blah and uninspiring, so I have decided to write it much more like a blog, coz I quite like blogging as you probably know!! Feel free to head on over and let me know what you think of it!! You can follow all the links on the site to have a listen to my music as well.

love Mezz x


  1. Gorgeous pictures Mezz ... I especially love the last one ... you and your little one ... Bee xx

  2. thanks bee, ues i love that photo too.i look so in love wih my girl

  3. My favourite is the one in front of the white bricks. Stunning! And love your outfit too.

    1. thanks lea, yes the white bricks worked quite well!!

  4. love the outfit and all the pics.

  5. Wow these are amazing photo's!! I really thought they were taken professionally, well clearly Mr Coleman is uber talented just like you my dear! You look absolutely stunning and I love everything about it!! Sending you the best wishes for a fabulous new year dearest xoxo

  6. Great pics...clever hubby. You are beautiful inside and out my dear. Love the one of you and little Miss 3 yr old too. Methinks you both quite like each other! Have a wonderful year in every way...so looking forward to hearing you sing, and seeing what new things you have to offer musically....always inspiring xo

  7. Such beautiful photos of beautiful you.

  8. I've seen you comming by om IG,the pictures are great