Granny Square Seat Cover

Hello folks! Sorry, its been a while since I've posted, I had to prioritise a few other things in my life recently....but I'm back!

I'm pretty happy with this creative effort. The material on this old chair we use at the computer was ripped, so I found enough granny squares that I'd made on our holiday and figured out how to attach them to make this seat cover. I'm very happy with the bright colours! Nothing cheers me up then a  bit of colour!

It's not perfect, but it's cute!

Mezz xx

PS-We recently bought a new camera, so I'm still playing around with it. It's a Nikon Digital SLR. Anyone else have one? Thoughts? Mr. Coleman has been taking some pretty great pics with it, I'm still just figuring it out, but I hope to share some lovely pictures soon!


  1. I love this! Crochet is still something I cannot do, and dont see how I will. My hands get too frustrated. Anyway, good to have you back! xxx

  2. good job....what a nice way to jazz up the chair...

  3. thanks for the love guys. i thought crochet was way beyond me too taz...but then something recently just went click! yes, im looking at all sorts of old chairs and seeing possibilities now!! xx