New treasures..

We've done a bit of Op Shopping over the last week, thought I'd share some of our new treasures....

A handmade crocheted sleeping bag in blue red and white. This is too small for either of our kids, but I couldn't not buy it, so we'll make sure our new little nephew gets it!

Some tea cups. cute.

Spoon Rest (a Mr. Coleman find -credit given where credits due!)

I'm excited about this one, a few metres of this cute vintage Christmas fabric! It's got me thinking about all sorts of possibilities for this coming Christmas! Too soon?

 I'm going to make little Miss Coleman a dress for her birthday with this fabric. Oh yeah, this cost me the whole sum of 20 cents. Nice.

A "cable car" mug (we have a tram obsessed 6 year old!)

Have you picked up any second hand treasures recently?

PS-Little Miss turns two this week, so I plan do be making quite a bit over the next few days (presents, decorations, food...) Looking forward to sharing with you!!

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  1. I love what you have found! Ive found a few treasures recently too! Cant wait to see what the dress will look like! Im going to get started on making your little miss her birthday present this week...hopefully if percy lets me! xxx