Being a parent has made those few hours between when my children go to bed and when I go to bed incredibly precious. I adore my kids, but being a parent is friggin' hard work (don't let anyone tell you otherwise!!), especially when you have some high needs thrown into the mix. Being both an artist and a mother is something I'm really coming to terms with at the moment, it requires a certain balance that I often get wrong, and occasionally get right! I'm still trying to figure it out, but at the moment its often in those few hours between their bedtime and mine that I can find space to create.

Anyway, the other night, during the "sacred hours" of the evening (ie-2 sleeping children!!) I made some music! My beloved Mr. Coleman and my lovely sister in law Ash joined the fun too, and we recorded  a cover of Clare Bowditch's song "One Little River." Clare's most recent album "The Winter I Chose Happiness" fell into my hands right at a time when I really needed it, and every song on the album has had a special place in my heart for the last few months. The music and message behind the album is really beautiful, and if you don't have a copy you should get one!!!

I recently entered a comp with this little video to join Clare on stage during her tour. I'm sure plenty of other people have entered, (and to be honest, having re read the guidelines, I'm not sure I was supposed to include other people in my recording) so I'm not expecting anything to come of it, but having an excuse to turn the lounge room into a studio and spend an evening doing creative stuff with people I love sure was nice!!

I hope you enjoy it too.

And if for some crazy reason you haven't heard of the wonderful Ms Bowditch before, please visit www.clarebowditch.com . She is one of Australia's most generous and talented artists.

If you are new to this blog and interested in my music, feel free to visit www.mezzcoleman.com



  1. If I was to slice Mr Bea in half ( don't worry I'm not planning on doing that by the way!) he would have MUSIC written right through the core of him like a stick of rock! It's frustrating for him, he works full time (we were discussing him going part time before I became ill) and so the only time he can make his music is late at night and invariably he's tired then! And yes throw in those extra needs....
    Your music is great, keep at it! :) x

  2. Oh I so so know what you mean about the sacred hours!! I've lost them again since the new baby came but I do get the odd daytime naptime again instead in which to create. Balance is so hard... I'm daunted by what awaits when I go back to work in January...! Haven't yet listened to the song coz baby is sleeping next to me but I'm sure I'llmlove it.

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