Simple Craft #6 - Tea towell wrap!


Before we start, have you joined my Handmade Card Swap?? Still one week before entries close!

Anyway, here is a another quick, easy, thrifty and crafty idea!!

Do you ever find calendar tea towels when you are Op shopping (Charity shopping)? Sometimes they are great and vintage, sometimes just cheesy (but still great).....well, I think if the year on the tea towel is of meaning to you or someone you love you should buy it and see if it will come in handy!!

I found this 1981 tea towel, the year my big brother was born. Yesterday we celebrated his birthday, and we bought him a DVD. I thought it would be nice to give him this tea towel as well, and wrap up the DVD with it instead of wrapping paper!

You can do it too, I just folded it around the gift carefully so that the year showed, and tied it with some string. I intentionally made this fairly blokey, but you could use ribbon, fresh flowers or anything really to make this idea quite pretty!

I've had a lovely, Melbourne weekend. Yesterday the kids, Mr. Coleman and I checked out some great historic buildings as part of the Open House Melbourne Weekend, and today I went with my sister in law Ash and a group of her lovely friends to Women of Letters, a gorgeous monthly event where 6 female Aussie artists share an open letter with the audience. Clare Bowditch, Judith Lucy, Libby Gore and Estelle Tang were some of today's artists..it was lovely. Sometimes very funny, sometimes a bit emo, but mostly just incredibly honest, which I love above all else.

Speaking of my sister in law, Ash, she is organising a wonderful craft project that you should check out and get involved with!! It's a craft auction that will raise money for Green Collect the great organisation she works for (and my hubby has started working for too!)

And since I'm giving you all these links, here's one more!! My hubby's acoustic band, The Sketching Room have a few more songs out that you can listen to and download for free. They really are great, I'm not just doing the proud Mrs thing!! www.thesketchingroom1.bandcamp.com
oh, and did I mention I met Pip Lincolne today?? I'm sure I blushed a lot, she was very sweet.

See you soon!

Mezz x

PS feel free to leave a comment sharing ideas on other uses for calendar tea towels!!


  1. Love the tea towel idea and how cool that you got one for the year your brother was born. Love hubby's song, aren't you a talented bunch, wow! Thanks for my magnets they arrived and love them they are so lonely. Thanks also for your very lovely note and sweet comments on my blog. Xoxo

  2. Well you could use them for drying the dishes....or finding out what day it is, but actually I love your idea the best!!! :) x

  3. Love a good tea towel. a lovely idea using one to wrap a birthday gift.
    I've used the calendar tea towel to make a cushion for my other half in his birth year- http://zaranne-handmade.blogspot.com.au/2013/04/a-tea-towel-birthday-cushion.html

  4. such a great idea! i am now on the look out for calendar tea towels :)

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