Vintage Button Swap and a surprise parcel!!

I recently took part in Taz's Vintage Button Swap and it was so much fun. I was paired with Hannah who lives in the UK and writes the cute blog which you should visit called Dainty and Ivory. We chatted via email, and she told me she loved gold, dark green and blue. She also loved the vintage era's and her fav animals included tigers and penguins. With this info, I raided my stash of bits and pieces and was able to come up with this little parcel that I loved putting together for her.


And lucky me, because Hannah sent me some gorgeous buttons too!!! All in my favourite colours..

Also, really out of the blue, I received the most gorgeous parcel from another one of my sister in laws, Nicole. Nic lives on the other side of the country with her hubby (my hubby's older brother) and three gorgeous kids in a small country town. While we are really happy with our city lives in Melbourne, and they are equally happy with their lives in Western Australia, we have really felt the distance over the last few years but luckily through things like blogging (and Instagram!!) have been able to remain a bit more connected. Anyway, she sent me this gorgeous parcel, and some of the things are very precious as they used to belong to her grandmother, so I feel pretty special to have them now! However, the most special thing in the parcel was the note Nic wrote me. But I'm not going to share it with you, it was too lovely, gonna keep that loveliness to myself!!

Nicole and her family have embarked on a very interesting life journey the last few years. Some of the things they are currently doing include committing to buying nothing, both parents studying full time and not working, and working towards growing most of their own food. Nic writes a really lovely and inspiring blog Make Sew Bake Grow about their simple journey together as a family. Head on over and have a read!

Mezz x

PS have you joined my Handmade Card Swap? Please do, we have almost 20 people involved so far....


  1. Beautiful buttons both gifted and received. x

  2. Lucky you love those buttons....and what a lovely parcel she received too....off to check out those other blogs thanks for the link i love to find new blogs.....D x

  3. Wow what a lovely swap you had, such gorgeous buttons. Am loving the toadstool fabric so cute ~ off to pay visits to the other blogs ~ Sarah x

  4. What a great swap - all the buttons are so lovely. I love your new fabric too, what a nice gift from your sister-in-law.
    M x

  5. Lovely words, Mezz, thankyou. The parcel was absolutely my pleasure and you are so right, Instagram and Blogland does make the distance bearable!
    Lovely buttons, too, Taz's swap was fun, hey?

  6. Wow Nicole and her family sound inspiring! I'll definitely check out that blog. I agree parcels and precious things are a great way to stay connected from afar.

  7. such a nice little stash of treasures! i found your blog through nicole's blog, and then from your blog found taz's butter and buntings blog :) all three are my fave blogs and the first ones i check out during the kiddies nap time.

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