oooo...look what i found!!

After spending yesterday morning in the recording session working on a special Christmas music project (stay tuned), I had intended to spend the arvo with the wonderful Taz proof reading our first ever issue of Hundreds and Thousands Mag. But, her little one got sick and so I suddenly had a free arvo. Hmmm...perfect opportunity for some op shopping! So, since I was in a  different part of Melbourne to where I usually live, breathe and op shop, I thought I better hit their shops, and hit them hard I did! I found lots of wonderful little treasures. Here are just a few....

I paid $3 for this beauty, a retro kids sewing machine, and it seems to work!! I'm totally in love.
brand new leopard print boots, pink floral tights and a new skirt for me!
some craft supplies...floral contact, a craft book, some crocheted lovelies and velvet ribbon
Oh! and already cut, ready to sew together bunting flags! lucky me, someone did the annoying part already!
sweet floral tea towels
 a nice big heavy orange frying pan (please excuse my dirty stove!)
and last but not least, some cute vintage bathers. I really should stop buying vintage bathers. It's hard to resist though, when they are so rare and then so damn cheap when I actually find them!!
Joining in again with the Op Shop Show Off.
I really do love op shopping!!
Mezz xx
PS- two nights ago, I did this as well......it's supposed to be a bit of a gospel song, without being particularly religious..have a listen, you'll know what I mean!!


  1. oh my goodness...which opshops did you hit? Its all great!

  2. three on canterbury rd in blackburn sth xx

  3. That kids sewing machine is adorable! I have a blue one which doesn't even work which cost me $20 so total bargain there. And the swimmers are ace, rarely see them here but live 'em x

  4. yes i thought the $3 was quite a bargain!

  5. What a lovely song Mezz - you are super-talented! I'm loving your op-shop finds - that little sewing machine is fab. Some great finds - lucky you! BTW your stove isn't quite as bad as mine LOL :) :)

  6. That kids sewing machine is GOLD! Lovely finds :)

  7. Wow you found some amazing bits. Logs the sweet sewing machine !! Xo

  8. You had some awesome finds on your impromptu trip....vintage bathers I wouldn't think to look for them, xx

  9. Great finds Mez, so loving that little sewing machine, it's just tooo cute....so many wonderful finds.
    I stopped in at some oppies today and came away with some fabric, nothing startling but time was limited so it was nice to find something useful.

    Claire x

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