a handmade birthday...

A few snippets from Miss 2's Birthday yesterday. Oops, make that Miss 3!! She is a delightful kid, full of mischief, joy, humour, music, imagination, love and more. She is also strong willed, stubborn, loud and messy...hmmmm...quite a bit like me!! We are having a party next weekend, but yesterday we celebrated her actual birthday at home with the grandparents. I made her a few handmade gifts too!
 I made this dress using a vintage sheet and some opshopped fabric. Each year I have  made her a dress for her birthday, and I intend to keep the tradition going until she doesn't let me and goes for something cooler  which I'm sure will happen one day!!
 ... this year I made a matching dress for dolly too!
Mr 7 was excited!
I'm not normally a scrapbooker, but have been meaning to do this pretty much since miss 3 was born. Finally got round to it for her birthday, using mostly upcycled crafty items I had rather than "scrapbooking" stuff that seems pretty commercial to me! Both my kids have a book like this now, and I'm pretty sure my scrapbooking career is over!! Phew!
Mr. Coleman bought some flowers for Miss 3 on his way home form work. aaawww.
We made pink cupcakes!!
...and I also made and gifted this pop pom necklace for her too!

It was a lovely day, and I'm looking forward to her party next weekend too!
love Mezz xx


  1. Handmade always makes the best gift.
    Such a sweet little dress Mezz. x

  2. Oh how gorgeous...it looks like a perfect way to have celebrated turning 3. Very clever mumma too. xxx

  3. 3 is such a gorgeous age......love the dress and one for dolly too......just gorgeous.
    Pink cupcakes, flowers and pompoms.......hand made is the way to go.........C x

  4. Happy Birthday Miss 3! Lovely gift Mezz :) x

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  6. Happy birthday to little miss 3. Shebat have been overjoyed with her pressures. How very special. I absolutely LOVE that frock you made for her it is so sweet. Well done on getting that scrapbook done, it's still lurking in my list, one day. Enjoy your weekend lovely xoxo

  7. Happy Birthday to your Miss 3. Love all of the handmade gifts!

  8. Happy birthday to Miss 3 ... love all her handmade gifts ... Bee xx

  9. thanks everyone for your lovely comments re the handmade gifts, and for the birthday wishes for miss 3..ill pass them on!!


  10. Adorable I just love it. I always make my little girl a birthday dress.

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