let's get physical!!!!

There are lots of barriers to exercise for many people.....I certainly have a few. One 'exercise barrier" I have is a super shallow one....ready for it?? I hate sporty clothes. I HATE them. As a vintage dress wearing type of lass, the thought of putting on a pair of Nikes, or Lorna Jean gear makes me feel yuk. I just don't like sporty fitnessy type gear!! I know it's a nuts reason to not exercise, so I've decided to pretty up a few things for my new early morning walk/runs, and get over myself.

Using vintage fabric scraps I sewed a little pocket onto a sweat band so that I can carry my house key while going out for a walk. Cute, and handy! I love the bright pink flowers, they make me happy.
On another sweatband I attached a vintage fabric pocket for my phone, so I can wear it and listen to my Couch to 5km App while exercising. Win.
Paired with a Beatles t-shirt and a vintage head scarf I feel a bit more like myself. Of course, I would prefer to be wearing a pretty dress and red lippy, but I think even I can admit that I would look a right twat running around the neighbourhood at 6.30 am like that!!!

Mezz xox


  1. Your sweatbands are fab! Thank you for joining in the Christmas decoration swap! I have paired everyone up and your partner is Kimberley from the blog Creative Chaos - more details and links on my blog. Happy swapping!
    Marianne x

  2. Awesome fitness clobber. The sweatbands are gold.. practical yet stylish.. Good luck with your fitness regime :)