Christmas Gift Tag Swap Partners!

Thanks to those who are joining in the Gift Tag Swap!! It shall be jolly fun. I popped everyone's names in a hat, and pulled them out by two, pairing us all up! Very technical, I am!
Your swap partners are::

Mary and Katy
Siobhan and Raylee
Kersandra and Tammy
Mezz and Fiona
Beth and Marianne
Hannapat and Rebecca
(special message at the end of this post just for you 2!)
One of our swap participants, Rebecca, has a 7 year old daughter who would love to do the swap with another young person!! How lovely! If you have a little person who would like to do a swap with her, please let me know via comments and I'll pass on the info to Rebecca!! And yes, that is giving me ideas for the future!! A crafty swap for little people!!
Each of you should have an email in your inbox with a few more details.

Mezz xoxo
PS- Hannapat and Rebecca, I have paired the two of you as you both would like to make a few less tags. Perhaps you could make 5 for each other?? I also have neither of your email addresses, so please email me mezzcoleman@hotmail.com so I can help the two f you get in touch!!


  1. Thank you for organising this!
    Marianne x

  2. My daughter Hannah is 8 (That sweet girl all over my blog) and she is so crazy about crafts and I know she would LOVE to do a tag swap, It will be hard keeping her away from my tags so I can make mine :) So please... do include Hannah for the other little lady that would like to join in!
    Tammy x

  3. Hi there Mezz, Me again, I did a blog post on your magazine.
    Thank you! Loved it!

  4. Great Tammy. My daughter's name's Eliana.
    Mezz, Could you please send Tammy my email? I think I sent it to you yesterday. Bec

  5. Booo to missing this but YEAAAAA to finding you via Tammy's blog! Just read the review of the magazine and am about to pop in my own order :) Looks right up my alley :) *Waving Hello* from little ol' Ireland! Hazel x

  6. This sounds great, thank you. Let me know if you still don't have my email as I sent it to you. lolxxx

  7. Awesome.. can't wait to get stuck into it :)