Crap! It's cold! Idea #3 Jane Austin!

With both little Coleman's sick at home this week, and the weather still pretty wet and wild here in Victoria, I have been feeling even more house bound then ever!! I couldn't leave my poor little Miss with anybody this Monday  as she was terribly unwell, and so took the day off work. After realising that I wasn't going to do ANYTHING that day without her crying, I resolved myself to the fact that my job for the day was to sit on the couch and cuddle her while she slept, woke, ate, threw up etc. On the outer, I was slightly put out at that I couldn’t use my day off work to get through my crazily long list of things to do around here. Inside though, I knew that this was indeed a precious gift, to sit and be with my little girl and comfort her, in a way only her mum could.

So Monday found me not only house bound, but couch bound. Luckily, Mr. Coleman (who knows all about my embarrassing love of a good BBC period drama-even though he doesn't share the passion!) had picked up a copy of "Emma" at the library for me, and I sat through all four episodes in the one go! It was great. So here’s my tip on how to enjoy a wet and wild (or sick) day...embrace the wonderfulness of a good period drama!! While I love to read many classic books (two all time favourite's are Charlotte Bronte's "Jane Eyre" and her sister Emily's "Wuthering Heights",) there is something quite satisfying about seeing these beloved stories come to life on the screen. If you're into this sort of thing already, I’m sure you've got your favourites, but if your new, promise you'll give it a go! Give your dull gray day a bit of uppity romance!!!

Some favourite's of mine:

Recent BBC versions of Jane Eyre and Wuthering Heights.
I'm normally not a huge Jane Austin fan (in comparison to the Bronte’s, at least) but LOVED this version of Emma, and also the Pride and Prejudice film starring Keria Knightly.
For a bit of Aussie spookiness: Picnic at hanging Rock

Here are some lovely images of the recent 2009 BBC version of Emma I enjoyed on Monday.

Surely you can admit that that's just a little be lovely? Mezz

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  1. Yep. More than just a little bit lovely! Apart from the throwing up, sounds a positively cosy day.xo