Two Party Skirts for Two party girls!

Hi there. Sorry about the long pause. I've been wading my way through sickness, children's sickness, hubby's sickness, housework, getting ready for our UK trip, work, report writing....the list goes on. Needless to say, I haven't been feeling too motivated to get creative recently. But luckily for me, two very special girls (twins, in fact) turned one this week, so I though I'd better pull Mr. Janome out and make them something fun to celebrate.

Here are some swirly party skirts for the lovely girls, (complete with their own initial!! )

Materials used: Two pretty Opp Shopped floral sheets, felt, elastic, and and bias binding. (Their mum is a much better sewer then me, so I hope she doesn't look too carefully at the stitching.....oh, and whether the skirts are even remotely the right size!)

Happy Birthday, girls! Mezz x

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  1. These are very cute mezz! Id say you should try a adult size but my expereince with adult skirts with that much gathered elastic is not a good look!