Knit Roll

My poor mum had to wait a few weeks to get her Mother's Day gift this year. The nuisance joy of giving hand made is that gifts aren't always ready on time, but I'd like to think that there's a lot more love in my gifts then what I'd pick up at Big W, and when a present is late, surely I've just helped "stretch" the celebrations out a bit....?!

My mum is an amazing knitter (she makes wonderful teeny tiny baby stuff, I don't know how she does it!) so I thought I'd make her this roll to keep some knitting needles in. Using contrasting floral fabrics (both from the op shop) and a bit of bias binding (also from the op shop) to cover up some pretty dodgy sewing, I think it came out quite nicely.

Happy (belated) Mothers Day to all you mothers out there! (We are pretty awesome, aren't we!?)

mezz xoxo

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  1. Hi sweetie...not only do I love the fact that you spent time and effort into making my gift (you're right, a love gift if late stretches the celebrations!!!), but it will be very useful. Thankyou. xo
    P.S. Still a bit of knitting to do....better ge5t cracking!