Crap! It's cold! Idea #4 -Plant Garlic

I love being in the garden in winter. The soil is always so moist from the rain, and I don't get sun burnt!

It's a good time of year to plant next year's batch of garlic, at least where I live. I've not done this before, but I'm pretty pumped. I planted the garlic in our Community Garden in the hope that we can use it when we gather for community meals. After chatting to a few keen gardeners and googling around, I found the easiest way to plant garlic was to simply plant garlic cloves with the shoot facing up not too far from the surface, spaced about 10cm apart. I just bought the garlic from the local Organic food shop. I'll keep you posted on how we go with it!! Hopefully we will have wonderful fresh garlic next year, but if it doesn't turn out, I figure there's no harm in giving things ago, huh?

(I won't bother showing you the photos I took once I covered the cloves up with soil, I figure you all know what dirt loks like!)

I'll keep you posted with how the garlic grows.

Know of any other good things to plant this time of year?


  1. I love this idea! and your right, its not going to cost you much to try!

  2. I'll be really interested to see how your garlic grows. I bought a bulb at the Garden Show, so probably planted app a dozen cloves about November. I'm really looking forward to harvesting a crop....looking healthy so far. I've planted them in a polystyrene box that came our way. Haven't had much success in the past but think I may have done it right this time (not just using cloves I bought cheaply at the supermarket....). Here's hoping! xo