Shopping! (A rare occurance these days)

On a lovely day trip up to Maryborough on the Queen's Birthday, I stumbled across a little craft shop. With most things in the town closed for the long weekend, I was so excited when I realised this shop was actually open! Run by the local townsfolk, and selling only handcrafted things made by the locals, it was gorgeous!! I felt a little guilty about the prices (most of these things would have cost double or triple in a craft shop in Melbourne) but managed to cope with the guilt enough to buy a few things. As most of my shopping these days is Op Shopped, I felt a little indulgent, but it was nice to indulge and to know that all of these items were lovingly handmade (I presume!?) by a local.

Here is what I bought:

a "Roo" (Kangaroo) for Miss Coleman

Dinosaur finger puppet for Coleman Jnr

pickled Tomatoes for Mr. Coleman

and for myself, a crocheted pot holder and felt sunnies case. Couldn't resist!!

I also bought a cute little something for a future nephew, I'll wait til he comes along before I share!

Have you bought anything handcrafted recently? What was it?


PS Enjoy a few pics of Maryborough on a lovely sunny winter's day-

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  1. So glad you had the chance to visit Maryborough. What a lovely town. I'm sure Master Coleman would have the enjoyed the station. It has been said that Maryborough is a town attached to a station! It's so big and grand....ages since we've been there, but a nice part of the world. Love the handcrafts you bought. xo